10 Factors to Consider Before Renting an Event Space

renting an event space

When arranging an event, you may have to confront a number of important decisions. And choosing the right venue is one of the most crucial of them. It would make the biggest impact on any event. Crucial planning information like the event date is entirely dependent on the venue you choose. Thus you understand how intimidating it could be to make the venue choice.

Here are 10 important points you must consider before you finalize the venue of your event.

Food flexibility –

You may want to serve pure veg. dishes or gluten-free cuisines or just want to offer healthy food and beverage options. Make sure your chosen event space can make all necessary arrangements related to your food choice. Remember to ask the management whether or not they allow outside food.

Room flexibility –

Reputed event spaces are usually capable to transform room depending on your requirements. A meeting room in the morning may be required to be transformed into a brainstorming birthday space in the evening, at the same venue.

Green culture –

Some event spaces offer eco-friendly arrangements. For example, they serve water from the pitchers instead of serving bottled water. It depends on you which type of arrangements you want. To save on fuel, it would be better to choose a venue close to public transportation.

WiFi –

Make sure your chosen venue offers strong WiFi; it is one of the most significant factors faced at conferences and meetings. Also check if they offer any other tech facilities such as TV, projectors etc.

Corporate culture –

If you’re going to arrange a corporate event, make sure your chosen event space for corporate events is capable of offering a culture that matches your company’s culture. A giant MNC may want to book a space different from a venue usually chosen by small start-up operations. So you must know your audience and their requirements before you make any decision.

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Team building –

If you want to strengthen relation between the team members, you must choose a space offering activities that ensure lots of fun and warm interactions between the members.

Availability of staffs –

Check if the venue offers required staff support to make the event running smoothly. Also ask the administrator what they would do if you need a concierge, security or an in-house event planner.

Limitations –

You must know all the limitations related to the event space for rent. Know their closing time, design limitations, noise ordinances, parking facilities to ensure an easy take-off.

Proper deal –

Make a perfect deal while discussing about the pricing with the venue representatives. Tell them that you’re also discussing with other venues. If those places have already offered you special discounts or lucrative deals, you must tell the other reps. this would motivate them to offer a better deal to ensure your business.

Cancellation policy –

Once you’re done with checking all the criteria, and found just the right venue as per your requirement and budget, check the cancellation policy of the venue you’ve chosen. You never know what may come up before the event and so you must ensure that the venue offers a cancellation policy that you can easily go with.

These are some of the considerable factors you may take care of while renting an event space.