10 Safety Tips You Need To Follow While Travel in Car


Car accidents continue to be one of the greatest cause of deaths everywhere in the world and this is unfortunate because by following simple safety tips and rules, so many lives could end up being saved. Most car accidents are as a result of human error resulting from influences such as alcohol, sleep, tiredness, boredom and even plain disregard of traffic rules. The following are 10 safety tips you need to follow that might end up saving your life or the life of a loved one next time you choose to drive.

1. Don’t drink and drive

All countries in the world are explicitly against drinking and driving and for good reason. Alcohol slows decision making processes in the brain and clouds judgment. A drunk driver is more likely to over speed and break traffic rules than a sober driver and therefore are at greater risk of dying from an accident. You should not also board a car whose driver is drunk because you equally share the risk.

2. Put on your safety belt

putting on the safety belt is perhaps the most talked of safety practice anywhere on earth. The practice has been shown to increase the survival rate by 65% in all fatal accidents.

3. Switch off your mobile phone

Accidents resulting from mobile phone use while driving are common nowadays and this is because the mobile phone takes the drivers concentration off the road. If you really need to text, make or receive a call it is safer to pull over on the side of the road and complete your business there.

4. Keep attention on the road

An areas beautiful landscape, buildings and scenery should not distract you from the driving because any second that you take your eyes off the road, the higher chances of being involved in an accident.

5. Observe all the traffic rules

Traffic rules are there to guide motorists on the best practices on the road otherwise driving would be very chaotic if everybody observed their own rules. Make sure you stop where necessary, observe speed limits and adhere to all other traffic rules and you will probably avoid a collision.

6. Don’t over speed

An over speeding driver has little time to react to sudden situation like a deer crossing the road and this may result to an accident. it is even more dangerous if the braking system were to fail for an over speeding driver.

7. Make sure you are in the right state of health and mind

A driver whose attention is taken away by too much thought or discomfort resulting from an illness is a danger to themselves and to other road users. Do not use the car if you are not sure about your state of mind or health or that of your driver.

8. Avoid overtaking in a sharp corners

If you have to overtake other cars make sure that it is not in any sharp corner because you do not know what lies ahead. Taking the risk is not worth it at all no matter the reasons.

9. Make use of the side and rear view mirrors

This will make your decisions on the road more right because you have information about the behaviors of other drivers and their cars.

10. Keep both hands on the wheel

And lastly remember to keep both hands on the wheel as this will be very helpful when you need to swerve suddenly or when it comes to making an emergency stop.

Of course the safety tip number one is to make sure that you are a qualified driver with a British driving licence and that you deserve to be on the road because you are certified.