5 Best Workout Methods to Boost Your Butt with Cardio


When it comes to toning and shaping your body, cardio is often forgotten or just not given enough importance. It is true that weight or resistance training may not be very popular for muscle toning and building but the right workout methods can help achieve these goals. If you are someone who is interested in shaping your butt, then you can try out cardio and see the results in just a few days! The following are some of the best butt boosting cardio workout methods you can try:

1. Walking/running

There is nothing like a good session of regular walking or running to tone your legs and butt. You can add hills to your workout routine not just to tone but also to burn calories and increase the overall cardiovascular endurance. When you walk or run on an inclined platform, you tend to target the hamstrings and the glutes. Walking sideways further tones your butt and works on the hip muscles. Another easiest and refreshing way is taking part in Marathons.

2. Elliptical machine

Another superb cardiovascular exercise that you can use to shape or boost your butt is to use the elliptical machine. While using the machine, stick your butt a little out while pushing down on the heel. This posture will not only focus or target on your butt but will also target the hamstrings, the outer thigh and will improve upon your resistance as well. To know more about what an elliptical machine can do to help your butt.

3. Use the treadmill

Most people think that using the treadmill is only useful for burning more calories and losing weight fast but it has several other benefits as well. This cardio workout machine can also tone your legs, thighs and butt since you can use it for walking, jogging and running. To see the maximum effect and impact, make sure you try out an HIIT or high intensity internal training type workout. This type of workout is basically a combination of cardiovascular exercising as well as strength work. By doing this, you will not only be working your butt muscles but will also boost your metabolism and burn calories.

4. Use the Stairmaster

Another superb way to tone your butt and thighs is to use the Stairmaster cardio workout method. While doing this, you must take a position of leaning forward a little bit and bending from the waist. Make sure you take big steps and that your hands remain free while you do it. Do not hold onto anything like the handlebars etc. because this will help the glutes muscles more as then they work to help you remain stable a little more.

5. Bike

Opt for a high and upright bike when you cycle outdoors or inside the gym. A recumbent bike will not have the best impact on your glutes and hence will not lead to effective toning. But an upright bike will target both the glutes as well as the hamstrings and will prove much better benefits.