5 Blunders To Keep Away When Buying A Futon


It’s vital to purchase the right futon mattress, if you are considering on buying one. Although it’s a simple traditional Japanese mattress and it should be easier for purchase than use, but with so many types of futon mattresses available in market -there are mistakes people make when shopping for a quality futon.

If you are buying a futon mattress online, remember to buy it from a reliable store that actually makes authentic futon mattresses. And if you’re getting a quality futon from any a physically located store then confirm the quality by hands-on experience along with detailed explanation from the futon salesperson.

We have gathered the experience of different people around us and are putting it out for you. Futons are not costly but it’s worth spending on the right product than wrong. Read the next few paragraphs and, learn from these and keep your purchase accurate:

Mistake #1-Buying the Cheapest Futon Online

There are numerous online stores that promise to give what you will pay for, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Two factors are important here: are planning for buying the very traditional Japanese futon? Or do you want the east-west mix futon? The difference between the two types is quite big therefore you need to keep your approach clear.

Traditional Japanese futons are filled with cotton (Now silk as well) and the western transformation of futon is now making use of foam and spring as well. The comfort of a futon is highly subjective and completely based on individual liking. Futon beds are known to be firm, where firmness of a futon is very different to that of a regular sleeping mattress.

So, to get a decent futon mattress of good quality be ready to see a price of $250 to $350, anything less than this that promises free shipping will eventually send a product that will last for weeks only. A good quality futon can last for a period of five years.

Mistake #2- Buying from Smaller and Unknown Stores

The place or person you from can either bring you happiness or nightmares. There’s always a risk in buying bulk of promotional mattresses especially from E-Bay like stores, they can be improperly stored, can have dampness, they can have improper packaging and other biohazard issues as well. Not all vendors will promise return of futon mattresses even as bed purchases in some of the states is a final order made and delivered.

Mistake #3-Buying a Premium Futon with Poor Quality Crafting

Not every buyer will have the knowledge of material and filling quality, or will know the difference between a terry and good muslin cloth. First of all, you need to understand the type of futon mattress you want, whether a foam mattress or traditional Japanese cotton filled futon. The traditional futons have cotton coverings and cotton fillings which keeps the futon lightweight and suitable to their lifestyle.

If you buying a futon that suits the western lifestyle and is American made, look for one that is covered with a heavy material having the strength to avoid tearing and ripping. Check for tufting on futon, if that is not present then avoid buying such a futon. Moreover, the inside filling is of high importance as well-if your futon has foam inside it, density is the key factor here.

Mistake #4- Buying a Thin Futon Mattress

Remember that when futon mattresses are advertised as “Premium 8”, but on arriving it is rather a 6 inch thick-this is not unusual. This happens when poor quality cotton is filled inside and not compressed before stuffing it in, then the results are deflated futon mattress. The poorly crafted futon mattresses will expel air during the process of shipping and packing and when they reach your door step, you will find a rather thin futon.

Avoid buying from an un-reliable source and seek assistance over the phone if your will purchase online. In this case you will have to make the right choice of selecting an authentic e-store that details everything before delivering your order. Especially when you want a custom made futon and expect your futon to match your given directions-it will be wise to ask questions.

Mistake #5- Buying the Wrong Futon Cover

If you getting a custom made futon from an online store, remember to get a futon cover made as well. It’s not certain that your choice dimensions will match the other futon covers. A futon bed looks nice when it is covered and maintained the way Japanese do. Choose the material of futon cover matching the climate and weather conditions of your location. Choose that brings out absolute luxurious results, that will enable you to experience the feel of a futon, and that can keep the futon mattress cool in summer and warm in winters.