Screwing has Never Been so Easy

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I often need more than one bit when using drills/drivers for my projects. The next question is often “where’s this bit, and where’s that bit”… There’s a simple solution – use a magnet to stick the bits directly to the drill/screwdriver. The Magnet Driver is right here to make our lives easier! Compatible with the both screwdrivers and power bits, the Magnet Driver is a perfect addition to our tool kit. Helping to keep our screws straight and in place, we can easily use one hand to get the job done.

Although this idea is not new, I’ve been using it for years now and thought I would share it. You just have pick-up some of the nickel sized (well approx 20mm) the neodymium magnets and glue them together somewhere on the drill. Mostly one magnet can hold 3 to 4 bits and they hold them well – even if you are shaking the drill / driver. If you are in need of more strength, just glue these 2 magnets on top of each other. Such things have a lot of holding power.

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There are a couple of things that each DIYer has in their bag from day one. Screwdrivers, hammers, utility knives, and after all a conductor driver/drill. It wasn’t that way back that drills were thought-about of restricted use, a minimum of for the common user. However DIY enthusiasts shortly began to hack their drills and makers rush to stay up. Today, innovations like extended-life batteries, variable speeds controls, and key-less chucks have created the common-or-garden drill one among the foremost helpful things within the DIY tool cabinet.

From building to repairing and adjusting even the smallest DIY project effortlessly with Magnet Driver™. Magnet Driver™ has revolutionised the world of screwing. It’s adaptable to any manual and electronic screwdriver. Screwing with one hand is never been so easier. Its powerful magnet is capable of holding up to 2 kg weight, maintaining the hold on the screw without the possibility of falling.

The screwdriver is equipped with vital qualities including:

  • Powerful magnet made of neodymium.
  • Flexible body which embeds countersink screw deeply, avoiding screw, surface and bit tip wear & tear.
  • One hand free, agronomic design.

Awarded best DIY invention (2015-2016) Ferroforma – Spain. Magnet Driver™ is changing the way people perform the most common DIY tasks. This is an amazing magnetic ring made of neodymium combined with a flexible rubber body provides simplicity, speed and security in everyday DIY tasks. This allows working with one hand and avoids screws from falling. Now free up your other hand for something else you may need with this Magnet Driver! Well using two hands just to apply one screw is not only tedious; it is also less stable for some larger projects. Make sure that every screw is just as confident as you are with the Magnet Driver!

I usually would like quite one bit once victimisation drills/drivers for my comes. Subsequent question is usually “where’s this bit, and where’s that bit”… There’s a straightforward resolution – use a magnet to stay the bits on to the drill/screwdriver. Though this idea isn’t new, I’ve been victimisation it for years currently and thought I’d share it.

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This idea has been around for a few time, however it’s stunning what percentage makers haven’t caught onto the concept of magnetically holding bits to the driving force in how. Some square measure catching on and giving solutions varied from magnetic bit inserts to others that have a small amount holder on-board that you just slide the bits into. However, this resolution works fine. It additionally works nice once you square measure on a ladder putt up lights or ceiling fans and you wish access to quite one bit whereas holding the driving force. Sometimes you would like simply a bit further reach on your bit. You’ll be able to run all the way down to the native ironmongery shop to shop for associate extender; however those packaged solutions carry a hefty tag. If you simply would like the extender for a one-shot or short term project, why not create your own?

If you’ve ever struggled to retrieve fasteners or drill bits, unskilled to tug them out of a pocket whereas half-way through a project, then this is often the hack for you! Use a bit dab of superglue (or even hot glue) on the frame of your drill and connect a powerful magnet within the excellent spot to stay screws and loose materials simply accessible whereas you’re employed.

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