Solo Traveling to Asia, What Should Be Prepared?


Solo travelling is the only way to travel for many. It takes courage and steady nerves to enjoy a solo travelling experience. It offers opportunities to explore unknown worlds on your own, meet new people, and make new friends. Many people strongly believe that solo traveling brings out the best in a person. Being constantly pushed out of your regular comfort zone, you get to discover many things about yourself. When you are all alone in an unknown land and there is a problem at hand, you will essentially discover your problem-solving faculties. You learn to be content in your company.

Asia is an ideal place to begin your jaunt of solo traveling. With a subscription to an internet package such as WOW Internet Speeds Offer, you can browse about Asia’s rich culture and economical traveling scene. It’s one of the reasons why solo travelers opt for Asia as their travel destination.

If you are entertaining the idea of travelling to Asia for the first time, here’s a quick checklist for your travel prep.

1. Search Important Information beforehand

Make use of your internet subscription and search all the important things about the place. That includes tourist attractions, the hotels, average meal cost, and everything that comes to your mind. Gathering information beforehand always helps. Knowing the culture and the local customs will also help. Download helpful apps such as Google Maps and Google Translate to facilitate your traveling, especially for a country that speaks a different language. Collecting travel guides is also a good idea.

2. Stick to the Few Countries that You Pick

Asia is a tempting tourist place but visiting every country is not possible, especially if the days are limited. So, pick a few countries/cities and then stick to them. Invest your time in exploring the culture of your chosen, handful destinations. Exhausting yourself with trying to reach every country is not a good idea. Also, Asia is a huge continent. Before you pick your destination countries, pull out a map in front of you and choose countries that are linked geographically. You definitely don’t want to pick countries that are eight-hour-flight away from each other. Utilize your dedicated travel time wisely to make the best of your traveling experience.
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3. Reassure Your Family

Most families do not like and approve of the idea of traveling to Asia alone. For many, it is unheard of. But don’t let them ruin your plans. Reassure them that you have done plenty of research and you have your plans intact. Make sure you send them your travel photos on the go to keep them worry-free. This will keep you in peace too. An occasional Skype or FaceTime would not hurt too.

4. Book Your Flight Right away

First things first, ensure booking your flight just in time. If you are a first timer, just book the ticket right away. The more you wait, the more indecisive and reluctant you will become. Make your own preference. Most people consider Bangkok, Thailand as a gateway to Asia and begin their journey from there. But you can pick any place. If you are entertaining the idea of an open-ended trip, book a one-way flight. It’s going to be exciting yet a little daunting journeying into the unknown lands without a time limit. But that’s what traveling is about! So be adventurous!

5. Pack Right and Light

If you already know about packing light, know about packing right. Travelers make this frequent mistake of packing wrong stuff. Always check the weather of your destination in your travel dates before you pack. Bring along the right clothes, be they shorts, flip-flops, tees, or long coats and jackets.

6. Be Flexible

Having a clear itinerary is a good idea to stay right on track while on the go, but be flexible and adaptable. You are in an unknown place and plenty of unforeseen things can happen. It’s up to you, whether you make your trip a nightmarish experience or a cherish-able one. Flexibility is the key.

7. Inform Your Bank

Banks often block cards for international use. Even if you are loaded with cash, there can be some urgent, sudden expenses that you haven’t planned. It’s important to inform your banks about the travel plan. Alternatively, you can get travel cards, and avail the benefit of lesser costs for transactions and withdrawals. That will help you save some good bucks. Since it’s a solo travel plan, make sure you figure this out before you set out traveling.