Summer Holidays with The Slovenian Coast


Slovenian coast, compare to Croatian is really small, but still, has a lot of things to offer and have its own treasures. Two of the most visited tourist towns are definitely Piran and Portorož and they are located nearby each other, actually in a walking distance.

So why those two touristic towns are worth to visit? We will give you just a few good reasons, starting with, for summer holiday the most the most important one, and that is alive tourist pulse throughout the year, which gives each season both towns its own magic.

Diversity of Accommodation

Good choice of accommodation offers its guests all the classical assortment of accommodation, whether be it in the high class hotels or in the apartments with pools and gardens, as well as the camping places by the sea. So staying there you can choose between hotels, apartment hotels, apartments, tourist rooms and camping places. In Piran are well known Apartment Pyran and in Portorož chain of hotels called Hotel Portorož, which has long tradition and good reputation, special between Italian tourists.


Convenient Geographic Position

Geographic position of both towns is convenient if you want to travel to neighbouring countries cities, therefore over the sea and on the eastern edge, Slovenian coast borders Italy and on south Croatia. We could say that Portorož and Piran lie somewhere between Venice and Vienna in the vicinity of Trieste. Along the existing communication links, it is quite near to cities of Ljubljana, Zagreb, Graz, Salzburg, Muenchen, and Budapest. With so many choices you can have Portorož and Piran for a base and plan a trip to this place every day.

Variety of Sport and Recreation Options

As we realize sports and recreation are really important on summer vacation. There is so many things to choose from, like the opportunities for hook fishing, boat fishing, swimming in pools and in the sea, diving, boating, sailing and wind-surfing. There are in Portorož and Piran many playgrounds – tennis, mini golf, a smaller golf exercise playground in Portorož Marina, handball, basketball, volleyball, bocce and bowling. So if you want to have sporty vacation this is place for you.

The Taste of Mediterranean

Each resort, of course, has its own culinary and exploration through Slovene Istria and its cuisine can be very diversity. You can visit restaurants, inns and other places to eat and explore Mediterranean culinary art. What could be better than time to indulge you with Mediterranean and International cuisine and a glass of top-quality local wine. You will taste all these Istrian delights over “refošk”, an excellent red wine, or “malvazija”, the queen of Istrian white wine.

The perfect summer day

To sum up all the activity and things to do in Piran and Portorož, we can describe a perfect day in Piran by saying, that is nothing better than to wake up in one of the apartment Piran, where you can make yourself a long breakfast and enjoy it on apartment terrace having the view on the sea or beautiful old town of Piran. Than you can either go to the beach or have a bike trip to the hinterland villages where you can even get magnificent views of Istria open up and during spells of nice weather even Alps can be admired. In the afternoon you can play golf, in evening visit one of the local restaurants or inns where they will be pleased to serve you some of the most typical Istrian dishes.

While enjoying the pleasant and come atmosphere of Piran, the picture in Portorož can be a little livelier. The best place to stay is in one of the high class hotel Portorož where can you let yourself be surprised and yet spoiled by the hospitality of hotels staff, who are also kindly providing you with food all throughout the day. Having pool on the hand, you can either choose between this or popular and lively Portorož beach. In the afternoon you can have pleasant walk to the Portorož Marine or on the other side of a town, to Piran. For tourists who fancy a quality night out dance, in Portorož is well taking care off. You can dance all night long in famous club Tivoli.

So, you still do not know where to go this summer? Let as remind you – the sea, a glass of wine and a plate of homemade Mediterranean food will definitely render magical moments that you will want to remember.