The 8 Best Products That Can Make That Long Plane Rides Easier For You


Being stuck in a long flight can be quite a hassle. Restricted leg space, uncomfortable seats, or just feeling tired of being in the air. Let’s not forget about the crying babies, bad movie selections, snoring passengers, or the armrest battle – we need that flight to land, and land fast!

It doesn’t matter whether you can sleep on the plane ride or not. You either get off the plane groggy and annoyed or feeling like a zombie who has been deprived of years of sleep. But don’t you worry, we have made a list of the best products that can make your next flight a lot easier. Not only will they make the long hours go by faster, but they’ll also help you look and feel better. Comfort, skin, hydration, and entertainment – we have got you covered!

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1. A Sleep Kit Complete with an Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

If you want to avoid jet lag, it is better for you to carry a sleep kit. Unless you have the luxury of being in first-class or on a private jet, you might just land up with a crying baby or a passenger who wants to keep their reading light on. Some airlines do provide you with sleeping kits but then comfort might be a problem. Buy your own kit that includes an eye mask that doesn’t put pressure around your head, and earplugs that really do cancel noise. Darkness can make you feel well-rested and gives you your personal Zen zone.

2. A Comfortable Neck Pillow

These are easy to carry around and can make your plane rides so much more comfortable. Sitting upright for long hours may put a strain on your neck, shoulders, and head. Even if you do manage to fall asleep, you will wake up exhausted with a stiff body, or with your head resting on the shoulder of the stranger next to you! This is why travel neck pillows are a travel must-have. They are compact, portable and come in various designs and colors that look very trendy too! Choose a neck pillow that is best suited to your needs and preferences.

3. Hydrating Face Masks

Long flights can leave your face looking dehydrated, dry, and puffy. Imagine getting out of the plane and looking like death. Well, we wouldn’t want that either. Nowadays, many beauty brands are launching ready-to-apply face masks that are specially designed for plane rides. You might as well put all those hours on the plane to use, giving your face the TLC that was long overdue.

4. A Portable Battery Charger

To kill time, most of us seek solace in our electronic devices. It is not necessary for every airline to provide a USB charging port at our seats (and most don’t!). It is better to come prepared because few things are as horrible than staring ahead with no entertainment. A portable charger can help you in emergency cases. They’re also very convenient due to their small size. Plus, they weigh next to nothing.

Tip: Buy a lightweight portable charger that gives you the facility to charge at least two devices at once.

5. Toiletry Bag

A bag containing a few essentials can help you kill not just two, but many birds with one stone. Now, of course, we mean a mini version of the one that you have at home. Stock your bag with a disposable toothbrush, toothpaste pods, hydrating skin cream, and a hand sanitizer. Do not forget your medication, too. Keep in mind to buy a bag that has compartments and is not bulky.

6. Water Bottle

One of the biggest problems of long flights is dehydration. Air hostesses do give you water but then those tiny cups and bottles don’t really cut it when you’re parched. Give them your water bottle ask them to fill it for you, or fill the bottle in the terminal before you board. There, you’ll be sorted for the whole flight.

Tip: Try to buy a collapsible water bottle so that you can stow it away after you land.

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7. Books, Magazines, Kindle et al

Scrolling through the move selection to find that absolutely nothing looks good enough sounds so unappealing, but it can definitely happen to you. Hence, it is better to have a backup plan. Always carry some sort of entertainment with you that you would like to pass time reading or playing.

8. Anti-bacterial Wipes

Most of the planes are full of germs, especially your table tray. This makes it more likely for you to catch a cold, or some other infection. It is better to sanitize your seat and the surrounding area before sitting in it to remain healthy. Don’t worry about looking posh after all, health before everything else. Carry at least 5 with you to be well prepared.

These everyday products can make your long flights much more comfortable. We kid you not. Try to buy an under-seat bag in which you can store them to make everything accessible to you. Remember long hours ahead, always exercise caution.

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