What Are The Pros and Cons of Rhinoplasty?

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Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery in which part of the nose or the nasal septum itself is modified. When someone thinks about this aesthetic operation, the most immediate benefit comes to mind: improving their appearance. Dr William Mooney, a specialist in rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery in Sydney, indicates that it also has other advantages that affect mental and physical health.

What should we know before having a nose job?

Our specialist tells us that rhinoplasty can be assessed if we face these situations:

1. We need a more proportionate face
2. We have physical consequences for an accident
3. We suffer apnea
4. We detect respiratory difficulties

The doctor’s advice is, above all, to choose the right professionals. Patients are usually afraid of surgical interventions, so it will give us more security to have good hands, which are backed by great experience in aesthetic operations.

It is also important that we are sure that we want to have a nose job and be aware of the causes and consequences of our decision. The reason why someone ends up opting for this option is in the benefits they will get after the process, explains the doctor, adding that you get an improvement in health and self-confidence.

Pros of Rhinoplasty in Patients

Through this facial surgery results are obtained aesthetically visible, and others of a psychological nature, imperceptible at first sight. We will know the details of these benefits.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons for having a nose job is the consequences of car accidents. Patients come to the office with facial deformities and need to be recognized again. They decide to undergo rhinoplasty to recover their previous appearance and thus turn the page on such a traumatic memory.

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It has been shown that many injured people have been able to overcome certain psychological consequences typical of a traffic accident after undergoing this surgery.

Sometimes, our nose can be very large or with bumps, and we are clear that an arrangement would bring us a total change in the face. These are small imperfections, which we have from birth, and can lead to large complexes. They can even make us feel limited in our opportunities.

There are many patients who have felt insecure about perceiving that their face lost symmetry because they were born with a crooked nose. That is why, with rhinoplasty, the possibility of eliminating these imperfections and stop being a problem opens up.

Gain Confidence and Security

The specialist tells us that she has observed an improvement in health and confidence in patients after the operation. At first, it is difficult to undergo a nose operation, but then it is discovered that the results are as desired.

And, as has been proven, the aesthetic benefit in the nose implies, in turn, a better perception of ourselves and our decision project a firmness that can easily open the doors to more possibilities.

Cure Respiratory Problems Such As Apnea

There are deviations of the nasal septum that cause respiratory difficulties and apnea. Also, for these cases, the option of rhinoplasty can be assessed. The results are usually very good, giving the person an adequate level of health.

Although the operating room and recovery time generate some fear, it is important that we assess your benefits and see a professional discuss our case.

Satisfied with your appearance

Satisfaction with your appearance appears. Due to an ugly nose, there may be complexes, and rhinoplasty helps to eliminate them. A person feels much more beautiful and more confident.

The face acquires harmonious features. If a girl has miniature and sharp features and a disproportionate nose, then such a face will look inharmonious, and with the help of the operation, you can make a small, sized nose.

Breathing Improves

Using septorhinoplasty, you can not only make a beautiful nose shape but also eliminate defects of the nasal septum that interfere with normal breathing. The operation will lead to improved aesthetics and medical indicators.

Correct The Shape of The Nostrils

People with wide nostrils often feel a complex about this. In this case, with the help of surgical intervention, you can excise the tissue near the nostrils, and then suture them, which will lead to a decrease in the nostrils.

Efficiency and Availability of The Operation

Rhinoplasty is a fairly popular procedure, so it can be done in almost any plastic surgery clinic. A bad result is rare and can be redone – but not immediately. First, you need to wait 8-12 months.

Cons of Rhinoplasty

Impossible To Breathe Through The Nose

After surgery, it is impossible to breathe through the nose. After surgery, special tampons are inserted into the nostrils which are designed to prevent deformation of the septum and eliminate excess bleeding. These insertions interfere with nasal breathing, so these 3-4 days will only have to be breathed by the mouth.

The Need To Wear A Cast Or Bandage

This is necessary to maintain a new nose shape and consolidate the result. You need to wear a bandage or cuff for 7-10 days, which creates some difficulties when going out or visiting public places – many are shy about walking with bandages on their faces.

Swelling And Bruising Appear

During the operation, blood vessels are inevitably damaged, which leads to the appearance of pronounced bruises and swelling under the eyes and cheeks. They completely disappear only after 2-3 weeks.

Postoperative Bleeding

This is a fairly common complication after rhinoplasty due to vascular damage and tissue grazing. Bleeding is treated with tampons or special medications.

Loss of Sensation and Worsening of Smell

After the operation, you can notice that the smells began to be felt weaker or not felt at all. It can last several days or several years.

The Probability of An Infection

If the operation was not carried out under sterile conditions, then there is a risk of infection in the body, which can cause blood poisoning and other complications.

The Result is Not Immediately Noticeable

You can notice the result of rhinoplasty only after 9-12 months, since before that the nose will still form and the tissues heal. Therefore, you can get a beautiful nose only after a long time.

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You can do rhinoplasty from the age of 17, but surgeons advise you to do it after reaching the age of 20 so that the nasal cartilages will have time to form. Before the operation, it is necessary to undergo a series of tests to exclude the presence of contraindications. Contraindications to rhinoplasty are:

· Diabetes.
· Severe kidney and liver disease.
· Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
· Blood clotting disorders.
· Oncological diseases.
· Inflammatory and infectious pathologies of the body.
· Mental disorders.
· Epilepsy.

During the rehabilitation period (about 2-3 months ) it is forbidden to engage in sports, exert any pressure on the nose and nose, visit saunas, baths and solariums. You can also not wear glasses, as they create pressure on the nose. As directed by a doctor, it is necessary to drink antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid complications.


Rhinoplasty has its advantages and disadvantages; nevertheless, it is a good and effective way to get a beautiful nose and symmetrical facial features. Most of the minuses are associate with side effects after surgery and are eliminate. It is important to choose an experienced surgeon to avoid complications and minimize the risk of side effects.

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