What New Technologies Will Appear in 2020


People are waiting for the arrival of the new 2020 with joy and hope. But there are those who are working every day to create new technologies, inventions that will allow us to create a better world, more interesting, safer. Work on them is going on for years, and therefore, it is quite possible to predict which developments will appear in 2020.


In our age, information technologies are developing faster than any other sphere of human and scientific thought. For more and more people, they become an indispensable part of life, routine, without which, it seems, the world will begin to crumble. Today it is unthinkable to go anywhere without being able to connect to the Internet, transfer information about yourself in social networks, share impressions of what you have just seen.

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Perhaps the news will be create and distribute by anyone who wants it. There is an opinion that there will be so many webcams that information from them will be stored in a single database. By 2020, scientists and researchers promise the emergence of new computer developments. Large desktops, laptops, even smartphones, will be a thing of the past. A wrist computer will be developed, which is a bracelet that combines the functions and capabilities of all these devices. It’s look like wrist watch, Buy trusted luxury watch online here. New technologies will make available to it a processor, a screen, a sliding keyboard. Its power and performance will be enough for work, games, watching movies.

Films can be watched on a roll-up TV. You can post it anywhere. Conveniently such a device when moving, changing location. LG has already created the prototype device. There is hope that a real 3D screen will be design. At its core is a flat rotation, which, due to the inertia of view, a person transforms a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional one.

Information flows on the modern man in huge volumes. It is not always possible to fully process all information, save, and remember. Now it is records on discs, but only text, photographs, and video come from them. 5D storage technology will be presented soon. From the disks, you can reproduce the summer coolness, the fall of raindrops, the aroma of a fresh morning. Five measurements will be digitize. Disk capacity will be 360 terabytes. The temperature that it can withstand will be about 1.000 °


Despite the great attention to the field of information technology, new items are waiting in other areas of science and life. Therefore, in 2020, on public roads, there will be self-driving cars, buses. These cars already exist, and they are actively tested and used. Such vehicles can park, change the place of parking. However, that is not all about cars and their safety. Volvo promises to create a system that will prevent the likelihood of an accident. Single echo sounders and radar will allow her to do this.

Perhaps over time in some cities abolish traffic lights. Automated systems will regulate the movement. Maybe this technology will be implement in the newly built cities, the development of one of which is already engage in San Francisco. The distribution will receive new vehicles. If you order a pizza on Friday night, you will not have to wait for the deliveryman, in a few minutes; the hot drone will deliver it. You do not have to go to the store for any household goods either. The popularity of 3D printers will increase so much that some things can be create at home.

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New achievements, technologies are expect from genetic engineering and medicine. Scientists are expect to learn how to edit genes. This will allow you to adjust the DNA regions responsible for undesirable factors, for example, dangerous diseases. This is a chance to rid a person of cancer, diabetes, severe hereditary diseases. The lives of millions of people will be save.

Victory over old age, which was predicted by S. Hawking, will mark the creation of analogs of the human body. With their help, it will be possible to restore the functionality of the body. However, some analogs have already been created. It is a hand that can feel everything it touches. The heart that does not allow failures, working without a pulse. Perhaps the technologies of the future will enable you to create material that can be use to create new organs using a 3D printer. The effectiveness and quality of the original content will prevent the rejection of transplanted parts.

Work is underway to create pills that will effect necessary for a particular person, taking into account the peculiarities of one`s body, contraindications. Research continues in the field of food production. Fruits, vegetables can be grow for people not on the usual land, but in individual solutions. Perhaps then,not all over the world will go hungry. Work on new technologies that can be implement in 2020 carry out in various fields of science. These are information technologies, motor transport, biology, medicine. Developments will allow you to get closer to your friends, get rid of the inconvenience of traffic jams, and deal with complicated diseases.

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