Where to Relocate to in Lanzarote


A guide to the different options available to those making the move to live in the sun.

So you have made up your mind to emigrate to the sun-soaked island of Lanzarote. But have you decided which area will be best suited to you? Would you prefer to be surrounded by expats or do you intend to immerse yourself in the Spanish lifestyle? Here is a guide to the options available to you.

The countryside

If it’s low prices and open spaces you are looking for, then you are probably best off heading to the more rural parts of the island. You won’t find many expats around here, but you could see it as a chance to improve your Spanish language skills. Rural areas are probably more suited to those who want to completely get a feel for the Spanish way of life. You will find many locals still living a traditional lifestyle; you might even see the odd donkey being used in the fields. You will soon find yourself becoming part of the village community, though and it will not take you long to adapt to having a siesta in the hottest part of the day, just like a local. On the downside, communications might be slower. Mobile phone signal is weaker and it may be difficult to get a good internet connection, particularly broadband.

The town

Most of Lazarote’s population lives in the towns and as a result, it is easier to find English speakers, English goods and a good internet connection. Property prices are still reasonably low compared to the main tourist areas and you certainly get more home for your money. Your neighbours are likely to be permanent residents, therefore getting to know local people should not be a problem. However, if it’s outdoor space you’re after when you decide to live in Lanzarote, it will probably be a lot more difficult to find.


There are many advantages to living in or near a resort. There will certainly be more English speakers and better access to commodities. A high number of fellow expats will mean that it may be easier and faster to create a solid social network. If you are intending to work, there are likely to be a lot more opportunities available to you. On the other hand, property and food prices are much more expensive and you may not get as much for your money.

Overall, the best way to discover which part of the island is best for you is to explore each area and get a feel for it. Good luck and have fun in the sun!