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10 Tips to Prevent Business Theft

When you’ve put so much time, passion and money into your business, the last thing you want is for a light-fingered criminal to take it away from you.

Locks Direct recognises how important your business is, which is why they offer some excellent commercial security solutions to keep it protected. This includes a range of high-security padlocks and top quality business security accessories, such as security chains and ground anchors for outdoor equipment.

Their business security specialists have written a list of ten things that your business can do to avoid theft, damage or a break-in. Be vigilant and keep criminals away by following their advice!

1. Keep doors locked

One of the most obvious tips is to keep any doors to your premises locked shut. Add an extra barrier of protection by using a shutter, securing these with a strong security chain and a heavy duty padlock of CEN grade 4 and above. Most insurers will request that you use a minimum CEN grade padlock before they offer cover, so this is an essential.

The high security commercial padlocks offer weather resistance, attack resistance and corrosion resistance, making them a great investment. Afterall, a heavy duty padlock is much cheaper than the cost of replacing your valuables or making a claim.

2. Have your premises covered by CCTV

A strong commercial padlock should be enough to prevent access to your business premises, but as a backup, you want to ensure that your business exterior is covered by CCTV. This will catch a glimpse of any potential thieves eying up your property, forcing entry or causing damage. Then, you have the surveillance to take to the police. Not only this, but the sight of CCTV cameras acts as a deterrent, just as much as the security caps on expensive alcohol in the supermarket. If thieves know that they’re at risk of being caught, they’re unlikely to take the risk.

3. Ensure that the area surrounding your business is well lit

If anyone is trying to gain access to your business, you want to make sure that you’ve got a clear image of them on your CCTV cameras. This means that good lighting is needed!

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Not only for CCTV purposes, but because thieves are less likely to take the risk of being spotted and so will opt for an easier opportunity elsewhere. If you’re using a heavy duty padlock, it’ll be very difficult for thieves to get to your property, meaning they’re unlikely to stand somewhere in the light for a long period of time whilst they attempt (and fail) to pick your lock.

4. Use an alarm

Not only will an alarm act as a deterrent and likely send any criminals running, it will also alert you and any chosen security companies to a potential break-in. Locks Direct know that when you own a business, the thought of somebody trying to steal goods from you is always a worry. By having an alarm which alerts your personal device, e.g. phone, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be the first to know if somebody is trying to steal from you. Whilst Locks Direct don’t offer alarms, our online security specialists can offer advice on how to protect your commercial property.

5. Use several different security measures

If somebody is trying to gain access to your business, you want to try and buy yourself some extra time for the police to get there. By securing your premises or outdoor property with a heavy duty security chain AND a high security business padlock, you’re really restricting the thieves ability to access your property. Whilst the criminal struggles to gain access and remove your anti-pick padlock, you allow more time for the police to get to your business and make a quick arrest. Or, if the perpetrator makes a run for it, you’ve got longer CCTV footage, which could be very useful.


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6. Consider the exterior of your business

You should think about anything around the exterior of your business which could be beneficial to somebody trying to gain access to your commercial property. For example, a bin can act as a useful ladder to help somebody gain access to your building, by climbing through a window.

If it’s not possible to move bins away from your property, consider adding bars to the window or secure them from the inside with a quality commercial padlocks. Another factor you should consider is if there are any overgrown bushes or electricity units which could provide cover for a potential thief. If there are, come up with ideas to help tackle this and make it as difficult as possible for criminals to break-in undetected.

7. Protect your equipment from the inside

You can use every security measure possible and whilst our outdoor high security padlocks are great for keeping intruders out, there is always a possibility that thieves will find access elsewhere, such as through a window. If thieves manage to get into your property, manage damage limitation by locking away any valuables and sensitive information such as paper data files. Locks Direct offer a wide range of business padlocks suitable for locking storage cabinets, stock room doors, desk drawers, lockers and more. They supply wholesale padlocks for businesses, giving a generous discount on any bulk quantity orders.

Of course, there is also the threat of intruders when it comes to your computer network, and businesses these days take numerous measures in an effort to protect their data, and any sensitive information they store, from cybercriminals. One such measure is getting the best vpn for chrome, or whichever browser they use, to add another layer of security to their network and help keep them anonymous when they are working online. Having cyber security protocols in place, in addition to physical security, will give you peace of mind that your business is doing all it can to stay protected.

8. Don’t forget about any outdoor storage

Perhaps your business owns a storage container outside for surplus stock, or a shed for outdoor business equipment. Maybe, your business has a lovely outdoor seating area with expensive BBQ equipment and furniture? Whatever you’ve got outside, you need to make sure that it is protected. Locks Direct offer a fantastic range of high security weatherproof padlocks for businesses, designed to keep your valuables secure come rain, snow and wind.

9. Keep high-value goods and equipment out of sight

If you’re a retailer, you want to make sure that you’re not showcasing your most expensive goods in your window, as this might make you a target for theft. We know that there is a fine line between protecting your goods and needing to make sure that genuine customers are aware of them, so you might need to find an alternative.

One suggestion is to keep valuable items securely locked away in a storage room or cupboard, using one of our high security commercial padlocks. Then, you can display an empty box or image in your window with a note that reads ‘empty boxes, no valuables are kept on these premises’. This is likely to act as a deterrent and if it doesn’t, then at least you have used damage limitation. The same kind of practice applies to any businesses using expensive computers or equipment, keep them out of sight!

10. Protect any commercial vans or vehicles

It’s not just about your premises and property, thieves are known for targeting company vehicles too! Tradesmen in particular are consistently at risk of having vans broken into, with thieves hoping to get their hands on some expensive tools for free. Or, thieves might just be after the vehicle itself. Prevent access to your company vehicles and vans by securing any doors with quality weatherproof padlocks and keeping vehicles behind a locked gate or in a secure garage.

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To discuss your businesses security requirements, including any commercial security accessories, padlocks for businesses, wholesale padlock purchases or theft prevention advice, get in touch with the Locks Direct online padlock specialists today.

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