5 Simple Ways to Look After Your Feet


It’s important that we look after our bodies. From our diet to regular exercise, there are literally hundreds of ways you can improve your general health. Whatever you’re lifestyle, over time our bodies become subject to the aches and strains that life may throw at us. Our feet often feel the brunt of this.

Our feet literally take the weight of our worlds as we walk, stroll, run and leap through life. With 3,500 nerve endings and more than 125,000 sweat glands on each foot, it’s no surprise that foot problems can quickly become a painful and irritating discomfort if left untreated.

Foot Care Tips

Many foot problems occur over a period of time in which feet are either neglected or regularly exposed to continuous discomfort. What’s more, foot problems can lead to pain in your knees, hips and back as well as affecting your posture in the long term.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Foot problems can often be prevented and treated for. It is simply a case of looking after you’re feet and having regular check-ups with a specialist.

So what precautions can you take to keep your feet healthy?

#1 – Wash & Scrub

Make sure you wash your feet thoroughly every day. Your feet, on average produce an eggcups worth of sweat each day, so it is essential that your clean your feet to reduce the risk of irrational, infection and foot odour. Soap and warm water is all that’s needed, but you can remove hard, dry skin with a pumice stone or foot file.

#2 – Non-Elastic Socks

Non-elastic socks allow your feet to breathe and hold a number of health benefits, particular for the older generations. Their non-restrictive and comfortable nature is perfect for relieving the pressure for people who suffer with poor circulation, swollen ankles and feet. Available in a range of stylish colours, make sure you shop around for socks that are accredited by the institute of Chiropodist and Podiatrists.

#3 – Dry Thoroughly

This is imperative to ensuring that your feet do not become infected or irritated. Use a clean, dry towel to dry in-between toes as well as around the heel. Rubbing and soreness can become extremely painful, causing blisters and leading to fungal infections in some cases. Use moisturiser regular if you are susceptible to dry and hard skin.

#4 – Sensible Shoes

We are guilty of falling into the ‘style over sensibility’ trap. Fashion often looks to push our realms of comfort but it is important to purchase footwear that will not harm your feet. High heels can lead to heel pain, tight fitting shoes can leaves your toes crushed and ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters and inflammation on the skin. Whilst those shoes may look the business, are they really worth damaging your feet?

#5 – Toenail Care

Finally, we finish on what appears to be an obvious point, but you will be amazed at how many people neglect their toenails. Soak your feet before you trim your toenails and cut across as oppose to a curved shape. If you suspect any nail infection or experience any pain then be sure to have your feet looked at by an expert immediately.

Your feet need care and attention and by following these simple steps, you can ensure that your feet never stop you doing the things you love.