7 Best Pregnancy Exercises Take On During and After Baby Born

pregnancy exercises

Now that you have a little life developing inside you, it becomes more important for you to take care of yourself. Of the many things that will change during the next 9-months, one thing must remain constant – regular exercising!

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Exercise during and after pregnancy is beneficial for both of you. If you already have been following a routine, or are starting now, it’s best to discuss pregnancy exercises types with your gynaecologist/doctor first. He/she will be able to guide you about the pregnancy exercises you must and must not undertake as per the prevailing condition of your body and development of the baby. Here, we present a set of 7 safe pregnancy exercises you can perform during and after pregnancy that can effectively help you stay fit and healthy.

Pelvic Stretching


Pelvic Stretching is a type of exercise that’s typically done on a chair, ball or a pillow. Keep your feet fixed on the ground, stretch your legs away from each other and maintain a straight back. Repeat the exercise as per your comfort. Pelvic stretching is one of the best exercises that facilitate a normal delivery.



Squatting in toilet position using an exercise ball creates a pressure on the thighs and pelvic region. This aids in contraction and loosening of the pelvic muscles during delivery to reduce the delivery pain. It is also effective in reducing extra fat accumulated in the thighs and abdominal area.



What’s better than walking! Walking is the most effective exercise during pregnancy. It not only helps maintain the right weight but also reduces restlessness, constipation and blood pressure level. In addition to this, walking amid natural surroundings relaxes the mind, body and soul.



Swimming is yet another recommended exercise during and after pregnancy. It not only strengthens the muscles but also soothes your body and keeps you fit as well as maintains a steady heartbeat. But, it’s best to first consult a doctor before you start swimming.

Opening Hips


This exercise involves deep breathing and deep squat which helps release energy from the pelvic region. Opening hips exercise must not be performed after entering your 36th week of pregnancy.

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Cobbler Pose

As the name says, in this exercise you must sit in the cobbler position – hands by your side, both legs stretched forward, palm resting on the ground and legs hinged at the knees so that the soles of your feet meet each other. Fold up your legs as per your comfort and gently move them up and down like a butterfly. This exercise helps open up the groin and hips, therefore, improving endurance and blood circulation in the body.

Pelvic Tilt


In this exercise, you need to be on all fours, pull in your abdominal muscles and buttocks in one line with stomach and then release. This helps strengthen the back muscles and reduce pain during pregnancy.

No matter when you start or what pregnancy exercises you take-up, you must remember one thing – do not over-exercise. Pushing your limits is not going to do any good to you. Instead, it can turn out to be harmful for both, you and your baby. Also, while exercising, it’s best to be dressed in comfortable clothes. The more comfortable you are, the better you can exercise and keep yourself fit and healthy.