8 Effective Weight Loss Tips


You may be planning to shed some weight. But, you are already fed up of hearing those same old weight loss tips such as exercising, limiting food intake, and eating veggies, etc. Maybe you need to try something new. You need to adopt fresh ideas. Check out these unique tips that involve different ways of adding certain foods to your diet, learning new behaviours, as well as eating techniques.

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#1. Leave variety behind

Regardless of whether or not you consume the best weight loss tips, you need to eat food of less variety. When there are multiple options presented to you, the natural tendency is to try all of them. Studies indicate that people who eat a diet that has limited variety can lose weight better. So, it is always essential to have less variety in your food.

#2. Have barley for breakfast

Barley is said to be the new oatmeal. It has the hunger-fighting reputation. Eating barley for breakfast can surely help in weight loss. The carbs present in barley are rye kernels, responsible for a low glycemic index. This helps raise blood sugar levels more than any other carbohydrate dishes.

#3. Increase your lunch salad

A major mistake that people following diets make is that they eat salads with no dressing. So by mid-afternoon, they end up starving and craving for high-calorie foods. You can add some protein and a little fat to keep you fuller for longer. Add about 2 tsp of salad dressing that can satisfy your hunger pangs.

#4. Stock up frozen veggies

Fresh veggies are always healthy and delicious. You would be lazy enough to scrape a carrot, or peel and slice zucchini, or cut florets of broccoli. As a result, you end up reaching out for junk foods like chips and soda. To make things easier, you can clean, chop and store veggies in the freezer. Frozen vegetables are safe to consume as long as they are handled well.

#5. Create a party tray

Having a party tray at your disposal is always beneficial. Now, over here by party tray, we mean a tray full of fresh vegetables and a low-fat dip. It encourages you to snack healthy and avoid high-calorie food from your refrigerator. We tend to eat food that is easily within our reach. So, keep high fatty foods away from you that is far from your grasp.

#6. Reduce the size of your dinnerware

The larger your plate, the more likely you are to add food to it. So, it is better to serve meals on small plates that help you eat less food.

#7. Enjoy treats

If you have a sweet tooth or love indulging yourself with your favourite foods, don’t keep them in the house. Make sure you have to travel and step out to eat your favourite dishes. The more hassle they are to eat, the more likely you will avoid eating them.

#8. Try on your skinny jeans once a week

Get a pair of skinny jeans that are tight but easy to zip. Try them one every Friday as you will stay motivated to watch what you eat.

Adopt these simple and smart strategies if you want to lose weight apart from these tricks.