A Hunting Family: The Lessons Your Kids Can Learn From Hunting

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There are so many ways for families to create long lasting bonds but one that rarely gets mentioned is hunting.

More and more people are turning to the outdoors to spend quality time with family. Whether through camping, or fishing or any other activity that requires time spent in the fresh air creates memories that last a lifetime.

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If you are a hunter already who enjoys either short or long range shooting, and usually go it alone or with your buddies, consider bringing the kids along to share the experience.

In this article, I will go over some of the ways that the benefits of hunting can help a family bond.

It teaches sustainability

Where your food comes from is very important. While some families love to grow their own vegetables in their garden, others may do that but also harvest their protein through hunting.

A family that hunts and eats their own food have a much deeper understanding of how the food chain works. Or should work, at least. They have made a conscious decision to hunt and eat animals that are all organic and avoid the cruelty of factory farmed meat.

When your kids can see how much different and healthy it is to eat wild game, they will carry that with them throughout their lives. If you think skinning and dressing your game with a Bowie knife may be a bit too extreme for your kids, you can always have it butchered by a professional. 

It teaches conservation

The key to a healthy ecosystem is biodiversity. It may seem counter-intuitive to think that killing an animal is helping to conserve nature, but you are actually helping many animals by hunting that one.

Your kids will get a deeper understanding of how many different species need humans at this point to maintain a healthy ecosystem and hunting is a bit part of that. Sure, without humans the natural world would do just fine, but the reality is that nature that is left unchecked will not do well since our presence alone affects their ecosystem tremendously.

Being part of a community

Hunters are a passionate lot and usually have a very tight community. Since hunting is often misunderstood by non hunting families, hunters tend to stick together.

Your kids will love having this extended family so to speak that they can socialize with and learn from.

Since hunters generally come from all walks of life, they will be treated to meeting people with different ideas, philosophies and cultures that they might not have come into contact with otherwise.

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People tend to stick with others in their same cultural or economic level and being part of a hunting community helps keep their social circle more diverse. 


Hunting may not be for everybody, and your family might even feel that it is not for them. But, if you instill this passion for the outdoors in them early, it is a skill that can be carried with them the rest of their lives.

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