Class, Elegance, And Passion: Why You Need To Experience Italy This Summer


Italy: there is nowhere in the world quite like it. There’s something in the air that makes you fall in love with it the second you step off the plane. It has an indescribable vibe and elegance that just makes you want to immerse yourself into the lifestyle as quickly as you can. The fiercely passionate attitude many Italians share is something to be admired. Everything you see and hear has a certain poetic feeling to it because it’s always energetic and intense.

Not only that, Italy in a sightseeing perspective is utterly beautiful. Each city has a different touch to it, with historic and modern architecture complemented by top of the range fashion and vibrant pizza and coffee places.

There’s no better feeling in the world than waking up and walking out on to your hotel room’s balcony and just embracing the Italian scenery before you, and it’s never too early for a glass of wine. It’s magic. For more information about accommodation choices, be sure to have a look at some examples on

Here are some of the reasons why Italy is just so damn good:

Local Food

Don’t fret if you don’t have the cash to splash out on an expensive meal because the Italians do tend to take all types of local food seriously. Even if it’s just a standard pizza or a bowl of spaghetti – food is art to the Italians and you can bet your passport that the chef who makes it will put a classic Italian spin on it to give it that authentic taste.

Coffee and Wine

The Italians love their rich Coffee and vintage Wine because they’re masters at making it. There’s nothing quite like an Italian-made Cappuccino to kick start your day.

Ending the day with a few glasses of wine in Italy is the top of most travellers lists. It’s the perfect way to relax and truly embrace the sights and sounds of the city.

Shop In Style

Italy just oozes class when it comes to fashion. It’s home to so many different shops your credit card is sure to take a few blows. If you’re able to control yourself, even window shopping is a fun activity in itself. One can dream, right?

Markets Culture

The Italian people love their market culture – they are incredibly proud about it’s uniqueness because in Italy it’s not your standard market. Here it’s a meeting place for family and friends, a social hub for all cultures to come and sample some of the fine homemade delicacies created by the Italian community. When the market is in town, it takes centre stage that’s how important it is.


Everybody has heard of The Colosseum in Rome and The Leaning Tower of Pisa, but a lot of people haven’t actually been to look at them. It’s certainly a ‘see it to believe it’ attraction, because you immediately get goosebumps when you’re staring at it in person.

The Colosseum is almost intimidating in a way because of its brutal history and the architecture is just so different to what most of us are used to seeing everyday at home.

So there are just a few reasons why Italy is truly special.