Creating and Employing Engagement – Scott Brinker of Hubspot Shows the Way at Restart 2021

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The world is in a state of continuous change, and so are marketing trends. If you look back in time, you will realize that marketing trends have constantly been evolving to remain competitive in the face of technological advancements over the last three decades. There was a time when trends like data-driven marketing, Artificial Intelligence, and voice search engine optimization (VSEO) were regarded as improbable concepts. Today, they are widely accepted as innovative digital marketing trends that have opened up new possibilities for marketers. But are they the ultimate in marketing trends? Not at all! With ‘technology marketing’ moving fast, marketers can’t afford to expect that the same old methods will keep on working in the future.

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This brings up the pertinent question – “What is the future of marketing, and where is it headed?” Scott Brinker, the VP of Platform Ecosystem at Hubspot, shares that the way ahead for marketing involves technology in every step. The future of marketing will be all about creating and employing engagement. He opines that there can be several ways of achieving this, including but not limited to branding, user behavior tracking, employing analytics, and maintaining databases.

There’s no denying that technology will play a crucial role as marketers try to create and employ engagement to capture the consumers’ interest. It is not about making short-term plans but working with an eye on where the future of marketing is headed. Consumer behavior and interests are tough to predict. However, advanced technology, such as AI, is serving to analyze patterns and data so that marketers can understand how consumer behavior is changing and which emerging marketing trends influence them the most.

Even the way marketing events are organized is undergoing a massive change and paving the way for engaging experiences. For starters, events have gone online since the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the world.  Marketers worldwide are waking up to the advantages of virtual events and the immersive digital experiences they can create.

Among the major benefits of organizing virtual events is that they can be held at much lower costs than physical events. Also, virtual events enable global participation, with borders or different time zones ceasing to matter at all. Further, such online marketing events offer full transparency as far as metrics are concerned. So, marketers can have precise data about traffic, conversion ratio, etc. In other words, virtual events open up the prospect of better ROI for marketers. Given the advantages, it is easy to see that online events are the future of marketing.

But hosting such large-scale virtual events is not possible over normal video-conferencing platforms, mainly due to the limited features they offer. That is why specialized platforms are emerging to host such events smoothly and effectively. Hubilo is one such platform specially designed to take your online marketing events to the next level. They have the potential to organize virtual events where millions of participants can participate from around the world.

Hubilo functions to create, shape, and set up feature-rich events that can engage participants and capture their attention. Loaded with a host of technically advanced dynamic features, Hubilo serves as an ideal platform for virtual events and as an hybrid events as well that combine physical and virtual models.

To provide you a clear idea about how virtual event platforms like Hubilo can play a significant role in the future of marketing, we are hosting a virtual meet called Restart 2021 on 23rd and 24th March 2021.

About Restart 2021

Restart 2021 is a virtual marketing event designed for digital marketers to provide them unique insights into the industry’s future. This digital event will witness the virtual conglomeration of 4000+ marketing professionals from across the globe. Spread over two days, the event will have 40+ CMOs and VP/Heads of Marketing sharing their expertise and knowledge about creating immersive digital experiences. Participants will learn about technology drivers and discover emerging trends that are set to transform the event industry.

A major attraction of this event is the session by Scott Brinker, where he will be imparting insights about the power of digital, experiential events and how to create and employ engagement.

If you want to remain competitive in the future landscape of marketing, you need to be aware of the rapidly evolving changes in marketing and adapt them. Restart 2021 will provide you a synopsis of the present situation and how you can stay ahead of the emerging trends. Come and be a part of this exclusive digital event powered by Hubilo. Registrations are open!

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