Getting Your Truck Ready for a Coat of Spray-On Bed Liner

spray-on bed liner

Experts recommend installing a bed liner in trucks. One of the most popular is a spray-on bed liner. The initial investment is higher for a spray-on bed liner. But since the product can last for several years, about six to seven years on average, it is worth the price. The spray-on bed liners today are available in assorted colors. Therefore, if you are not a fan of black, you have more choices now. Manufacturers offer a range of beautiful Bed Liner Colors, in smooth and textured finishes.

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Many truck owners go to a professional spray-on bed liner installer, but it is also possible to do it on your own. Before you can apply the spray-on bed liner, it is essential to know how to prepare the truck bed’s surface.

Preparing the surface of the truck

The manner of preparing the truck bed for the spray-on bed liner has a big effect on the effective adhesion of the liner. It will also affect the evenness of the liner application. You might think a professional service provider will know the exact method to utilize. However, it pays to know about the methods, so the protective coating can meet your expectations.

Here are the methods used for surface preparation.

  • Chemical etch. With this type of preparation, the prep worker applies a chemical treatment solution to the truck bed’s surface. As the etching solution works, it produces oxides that allow for high adhesion of the liner. This is the most conventional method used to prepare the surface for bonding with other materials. But this is not very effective for truck beds because it is inconsistent. The issue prevents the uniform bonding of the bed liner. This will cause the liner to peel off faster.
  • ScotchBrite scuff. This is a popular method and many bed liner installers use this to prepare trucks for spray lining. The material scuffs the surface of the truck bed and, when done properly, the spray-on bed liner will bond successfully with the metal surface. One thing to note is the person doing the scuffing should have the proper experience and training. Ask the installer about the experience of the person who will prepare the truck bed employing this method.
  • Manual sand blocking. This truck bed preparation method can be remarkably effective to ensure proper adhesion of the spray-on bed liner. Using a sand block by hand allows the person lots of control. An experienced person using this method will prepare the truck bed much better than employing the ScotchBrite Scuff method. Again, check the qualifications of the person who will do the prep work.
  • Power sanding. The power sanding method is the best option among the four, although it costs more and the bed preparation time is longer. Because the prep work uses a power tool, the person using the tool has more control. But it requires some skill and experience to make sure the sanding is even. With the power sanding method, you will achieve maximum adhesion of the spray-on bed liner. 

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Knowing your options for preparing the truck bed will help you choose which one is right for your truck. It is vital to understand each method, and it will be a good idea if you can see how the installer does the prep work.