Hyperbaric Therapy – A Ray of Hope for Autistic Children


Every parent are strives hard to provide the best environment. That promotes good health and a sense of well-being for their child. However, there are certain health setbacks such as autism spectrum disorders (ASD). That can occur in children due to pre-natal or perinatal complications during pregnancy.

These situations can be extremely demoralising and stressful for any parent, but early diagnosis of autism in children, along with the availability of the requisite treatment solutions such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, can facilitate effective management of the condition.

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What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Children are to display signs of autism spectrum disorders from as early an age as a year old. Autism is a neuro developmental disorder, occur due to lack of oxygenate blood supply to certain parts of the brain tissue. That are responsible for basic cognitive functions, essential for leading a normal life.

The oxygen deprivation in these areas of the brain can lead to impairment of speech, recognition, and motor skills, impacting the social integration of the child in the long run. Hyperbaric therapy for autism is a treatment. That is being adopt by numerous professionals in the medical fraternity since the past few decades. And is believe to provide a fresh lease on hope to autistic children the world over.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT is to be a popular alternative treatment. That is currently being use around the world to provide relief to patients with autism spectrum disorders.


When undergoing hyperbaric therapy for autism, the child is place in a pressurise chamber. Wherein pure oxygen is administer at prescribe pressures that can vary between 1.2 atm to 5 atm depending on the severity of the medical condition, under the supervision of a qualify hyperbaric expert. The duration of the HBOT sessions can range from 60 – 90 minutes. Two to three sessions a week are usually recommend for optimal results, spanning over a period of two or more months.

The hyperbaric therapy for autism treatment can be administer at a large medical facility or through a portable hyperbaric chamber. That can be easily install at the residence of the autistic individual.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Help Children with Autism?

The use of hyperbaric therapy for autism treatment is absolutely non-invasive as a procedure, wherein oxygen is administered under high pressure to the autistic child, in a comfortable chamber that is air conditioned and pressurised. The chamber comes equipped with a bed and a large, sealed, clear glass window through which the child can watch television. The child also has the option of carrying a book during the treatment session.

As the pure oxygen is administered, the oxygenated blood is transferred to all the brain cells. That were damaged due to oxygen deprivation. This process is believe to rejuvenate the dormant cell tissues and enhance the production of fresh blood cells in the brain. Regular HBOT sessions are know to restore the impaired cognitive faculties to near-normal levels in the course of time.

Hyperbaric therapy for autism is a treatment option that is to provide substantial respite for other

ASD related complications in children such as:
  • Cerebral Hypoperfusion.
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction.
  • Oxidative Stress.
  • Gastro-Intestinal Inflammation & Immune System Deregulation.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Provide Relief to Children Suffering From The Following Conditions?

Cerebral Hypoperfusion:

This condition occurs due to the lack of metabolic requisites. Which can be a result of the reduced oxygen supply to parts of the brain. This can cause a complication known as hypoperfusion. HBOT is know to relieve the ill effects of hypoperfusion by increasing the oxygen levels in the body and helping in red blood cell restoration.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction:

The mitochondrial function can be disrupt due to excessive build-up of neurotoxins, increase of metal content in the body, viral or fungal infections, etc. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is know to detoxify the affect organs by enhancing the production of ATP in the muscle tissues and stabilising the liver function by systematically infusing oxygen to all areas of the human body. Thereby eliminating chronic infections to a large extent.

Oxidative Stress:

Recent studies have revealed that oxidative stress is induced by a drastic drop in the B12 vitamin level in the body, thereby causing an imbalance in the regeneration of free radicals. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy aids in the increased production of healthy antioxidant enzymes such as glutathione peroxides and superoxide dismutase. That is significantly aid in relieving oxidative stress levels in the autistic child.

Gastrointestinal Inflammation & Immune System Deregulation:

As per medical research, an increase in the cytokine levels like IL-5, I-15, IL-17, etc. can lead to Gastrointestinal Inflammation & Immune System Deregulation in autistic children. This condition is know to cause irritable bowel movement, chronic constipation, and diarrhoea. The autistic children have undergone successive sessions of HBOT. Those are known to have experience a marked improvement in their digestive system and immunity levels.

These vital benefits of hyperbaric therapy for autism treatment have instilled a new ray of hope for the autistic children, their parents, and care-givers around the world.