Tips To Feel More Energetic Every Day

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When you feel constantly tired it’s a vicious circle. You sleep much more than you need to in order to gain some much needed energy, but you over sleep making you tired and then unable to sleep the following night. There are small changes you could make to your lifestyle to help you feel more energetic, and most of them are surrounding your diet.

Drink More Water

One of the main causes of day time sleepiness is being dehydrated. When we are thirsty we can also confuse it with hunger, causing us to over eat which also induces feelings of wanting to go to sleep. Combat this by making sure you get eight glasses of water every day and start your day with an ice cold glass to wake you up.

Eat More Fresh Fruit

In between meals it can be hard not to snack on stodgy carbs and biscuits. Eating foods high in refined sugar might wake you up for ten minutes but you’ll soon find you’ll crash again shortly after. Keep your bodies going by eating healthy foods high in vitamins and nutrients such as fresh fruit? No fruit to hand? No worries organise fruit delivery for an office environment that’s full of energy.

Move A Little More

Part of the reason we feel so sluggish on a daily basis is because we sit still for long periods of time putting our bodies into sleep mode. If you work at a desk make sure you get up for a short walk at least once an hour and fit in half an hour of exercise a day. It will leave you feeling wide awake.

Never Skip A Meal

For those who lead a busy lifestyle it can be hard to fit in three healthy meals a day but it’s essential that you do. Without getting all the nutrients and fuel you need your body can’t possibly function to its full capacity. Make time for healthy meals especially breakfast to ensure you’re wide awake, energised and ready to face the day.

Up Your Omega 3 Intake

Omega 3 works wonders for our energy levels and if you feel like you’re constantly tired you could be lacking this essential vitamin. Up your intake of fish adding kippers to your cooked breakfast or opt for salmon and vegetables for dinner. If you’re not a fish fan never fear, you can buy Omega 3 supplements which will do the job.

Cut Down Alcohol

Many of us find that having an alcoholic drink at night time helps us drift of, but what you might not know is that having alcohol in your system effects the quality of your sleep. Drinking alcohol can cause you to wake more in the night and can leave you unable to go into REM which is the deep sleep we need to restore. Cut down on alcohol and you’ll find you wake feeling much more refreshed in the morning.

Ditch Late Night Eating

Many of us eat late at night because we simply don’t have time to sit down any earlier, or through boredom when we finally do sit down. Having a full tummy before you go to sleep isn’t just bad for your waist line but it can also affect your sleep. Being full before bed can often stop you sleeping and leave your body confused as you’ve just filled it with calories needed for energy. Try not to consume anything apart from water after 7pm and see what a difference it could make.