10 Shocking Facts about Taxis around the World

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You have heard many shocking, interesting, amazing or funny things about the taxis, like the drivers talk too much; they tend to make relations and many other things from the storytellers. Hence this is not true most of the times; instead they try to behave professionally which makes them more respectful. So other than these rumours, today I will disclose some very interesting collection of facts online that you have never heard before.

Check out the list and enjoy….

Private detectives:

On 24 November 2014, it was revealed that London cabbies started to hire private detectives in order to investigate the Uber drivers over some illegal fare calculation processes.

UK’s beetle shaped cabs:

UK’s beetle-shaped black cruiser has been considered as the most recognised & great cab in the world that is over taking the New York’s yellow cabs.

Most reliable taxi company:

Faremania is one of the most reliable taxi service company that offers the most competitive and affordable rates in UK.

Female cab drivers:

New York is the only city having the most female cab drivers in the world.

Fastest taxi driver:

Sabine Schmitz has been announced as the fastest taxi driver in the world who has completed 20.8km in just 9 minutes.

Most educated taxi driver:

Dr Cai Mingjie” is a person from Singapore and he is the most educated professional taxi driver in the world and also a famous internet celebrity with his own several blogs & books.

Highest migrant taxi drivers:

Asian’s especially Indian’s are consider as the highest migrant taxi drivers who are giving minicab service globally.

Most expensive taxi service in the world:

According to one report by Daily mall news, New Zealand airport taxi services are the most expensive services in the world that is rarely affordable by common people.

Best story tellers:

New York taxi drivers are consider the best story tellers. Who will begin from simple ‘hello’ and ends with different myths and wanderings.

Busiest airport:

According to Airports Council International’s full-year figures for 2015 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world follow by Beijing Capital International Airport.

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