Asia’s Greatest Street Food Cities

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Asia is renowned for its diversity, its culture, languages, dressing and food. The most important attraction for the tourists is the street food that is offered in almost all the cities of Asian countries. However, some of the best cities out of them have been listed here so that you do not miss the taste of some of the most wonderful delicacies on the street side when you are in Asia.

Penang, Malaysia

The city of Penang is considered the world’s topmost destination for eating.
The hawker or street food in this city draws huge crowd every evening.
Multiple varieties of dishes are served on the street side that reflects the multicultural makeup of the place.
The foods thus, served are a great mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian origin.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei serves some of the best street foods in Asia.
The vendors serve different varieties of dumplings, noodle soups and steamed buns.
Although the dishes are mainly China based, there is a special Taiwan touch t
The special touch comes with the addition of chilies, basil, white pepper, cilantr
and pickled vegetables.

Bangkok, Thailand

The city is known to be the heavyweight in street food.
The food served on the streets is best and of high quality and the servings are influenced by Thai habits.
The streets offer an overwhelming variety of food options from creamy coconut, fried noodles t
tropical fruit desserts.

Fukoka, Japan

Although Japanese cuisine is famous, Fukoka is the only city that offers the street food scene in the country.

Located on the northern Kyushu shore, the place has 150 food stands known as Yatai serving street foods openly under the sun.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Several Vietnamese dishes find their origin in Hanoi including bun cha and pho.
The dishes are laced with fresh herbs and lemongrass, fish sauce, cilantro and chilies.
The city is considered one of the great food capitals of the world.


Instead of street food, now you get the same food served in the food court.
The street food here is an inexpensive blend of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian cuisines.
The standard of taste and quality is high which speaks hugely about its food culture.

Seoul, South Korea

In Seoul, selling street food is illegal; however, some vendors serve in Pojangmacha (covered wagons). The vendors sell savory snacks and sweets on the streets.
Few vendors serve in open air or have small portable restaurants.
The variety mostly includes Korean snacks made from rice.

Xi’an, China

Xi’an offers an exclusive mix of Chinese Muslim and traditional Shaanxi fare in its food.
The Muslim Quarters have tiny restaurants that offer traditionally cooked lamb and mutton over smoky charcoal.

Manila, Philippines

You will find mobile street vendors offering street food in the busy streets crying out the names of their dishes.
Deep fried foods, sweet desserts and cold drinks are hot favourite here.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The place is teeming with lots of street food vendors offering varying choices.
Specialties include Khmer snacks, sweet treats and Cambodian sandwiches made over charcoal grills. While you are moving in Asia, d’not forget to carry along your Turkish visa that will make things easier for you at the legal front. The street foods are certainly delicious, but you should be careful while trying them.

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