10 Tips To Help You Improve The Web Chat Experience of Customers

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In order to thrive in a competitive business world, it is crucial for an organization to attract and keep its customers. According to a researched, 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from 20% of its existing customers. Hence it is important for a business to enhance customer satisfaction because customer satisfaction is key to business amplification. In fact, 73% of the customers get the greatest satisfaction through live chat support and about 43% get satisfaction through the emails while 31% attain a level of satisfaction through the phone; for solution of the issue.

This results in live chat support coming up with flying colors, making big profits for any size company. Remember, any time a customer is not happy or satisfied by the web chat experience, your company will experience a negative impact from customers opting out your products and services. To prevent this from happening, give your customers a pleasant exposure to your band. Good exposure will constantly impact the decision of customers. Below are tips to help you improve the web chat experience of customers:

1. Show waiting time to the potential visitor.

Generally customers don’t like to wait for their chance to chat but sometimes a wait is inevitable. When this happens, you should make customers aware of the average wait time. Using live chat software, your customers will have access to a timer to keep them aware of the wait time, helping them cut out frustration as they build up patience to get customer service.

2. Use of graphical countdown.

Customers often describe wait times as boring and frustrating. To make wait time more manageable and interesting, you can offer customers a graphical animation to establish good customer engagement. Visuals are very powerful mediums for evoking emotions.

3 .Personalization is important.

For a good conversation, it’s very important to personally recognize the other person. It makes the customers more comfortable and they feel convenient while talking to the business representative. They feel able to share their problems easily. To put the customer at ease, it’s advisable to call the customer by his/her name and not addressing the customer by sir or madam.

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4. Try to use simple language in the conversation.

While chatting with the customers, it’s vital for the support staff to use simple words, which customers can easily comprehend. Your business representatives should keep technical language to the least as technical wording can confuse and frustrate customers. Instead, have your support staff resolve customer queries in simple language.

5. Don’t leave the customers with doubts.

Customers engage into conversations because they want some clarity about a subject. If the potential customer has any kind of doubt in his mind then it reflects on your company’s poor support service. To keep customers happy, you need to clear their minds of all doubts.

6. Help the customer in every possible way.

The representatives should not only give the required technical information to the customers but also other helpful and relevant information to solve a similar issue. The technical support should address all the concerns and help them in every possible way.

7. Let them believe on their own.

The reason for technical support staff is to educate the customers about your products or services so they can tackle basic issues on their own. You want instill the belief in the minds of customers that they can solve problems on their own. Your staff can get your customers to this point by suggesting simple steps to customers in a way that will help them have the confidence to tackle problem on their own.

8. Be Flexible with steps.

If the customers are facing difficulty in executing the steps as guided by support staff, then the support staff should come up with another alternative suggestion to execute the task. The business representatives should not stick to any particular step. Instead, they should assume customers do not have the technical understanding and guide those customers per need and situation.

9. Try to solve problems as fast as you can.

Customers anticipate fast and quick response from the web chat agents. That means your business representatives need to make an effort to resolve the query of the customer at their earliest. In fact, the handling time for the query works best with less so your support staff can handle more customers in a stipulated time while reducing the waiting time for the potential visitors.

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10. Use testimonials of your business expertise.

At certain times it becomes very difficult and important to gain the trust of the customers. During such situations representatives should tell the stories of other customers that were facing the same issues and the way they were able to discuss the concern satisfactorily. It helps in gaining trust and confidence of the customer.


Live chat can truly increase customer satisfaction; however, mishandled it can have devastating effects. To prevent mishandling it is very pivotal to make sure that the live chat experience is highly effective and enhances the customer experience. Share the tips that have worked for you by replying in the comment below.

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