9 Tips You Should Follow To Promote Your YouTube Video

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Over the years, YouTube has become a usual factor when it comes to entertainment through the Internet. Because of its domination over traditional ways of entertainment like TV, marketers have to focus more on this platform, not only because of its popularity, but also due to the ability of videos to influence people when there is a comparison with that of text or images. However, making a video ‘viral’ or at least ‘popular’ is a tedious task, even if that video is innovative, unique and interesting. So, here are some tips you should follow to promote your YouTube video in an effective way.

#1 – Use What You Already Have – Title & Description

You have to be very careful while giving title and description to your YouTube video. Although optimizing the title for Search Engines is good for success, that practice should not affect attractiveness of video title. Similarly, it would be great if you can include main keywords in video description, though keyword stuffing is not recommended.

#2 – Power of Mouth

You cannot underestimate the power of mouth! Although there were factors like social media, power of word was a notable factor that let videos like Gangnam style break records. You can ‘exploit’ word of mouth only if your video has something special, be it a short film or something like that. Of course, you can see the effect quite soon.

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#3 – Publish Videos in Your Website or Blog

If you have a popular website or blog with you, you can publish videos in them as well. In that way, you create bonds between your video and site that will cause transfer of traffic. To complete the bond, you have to link from video as well.

#4 – Content + Video = a Helpful Nexus

Apart from simply publishing video in your blog or site, it makes enough sense to publish an article that can tell your readers, what the video is about. In that way, you can grab attention those audience, who usually do not view videos (several reasons such as slow internet). Obviously, this nexus between content and video will be helpful when you’re looking forward to increase popularity of your video.

#5 – Be Social

No, it is not about social media! On the other hand, you have to be active in YouTube itself! If you know the category of video, you can explore other videos in that category. However introvert you may be in life, you’ve to comment on those videos. If your comments are impressive (well, you can appreciate the author) enough, you can observe a good rise in amount of traffic.

#6 – Embed Videos in Newsletter [If you have one]

This option is applicable if your video is a business-based one, and you want that video to reach existing clients along with targeted audience. For the former community, email newsletter is the best option you can choose. What you’ve to do is to embed that particular video in your email newsletter and you can do it multiple times as well.

#7 – Facebook is King [Oppositions apart]

Although we include Facebook in the sphere of social media, it should be given a special seat in our opinion! This site can do magic in promoting your video when compared to other social media websites due to several reasons such as the option to play video in the site itself, quick sharing options etc.

#8 – Bookmarking Sites can do something

We hope you know about social bookmarking websites. There are a number of social marketing websites like Reddit and Pinterest. You can promote your video in those websites to assure maximum reach. However, it is not about sharing your video constantly, but you have to become an authority in a topic if you want more people to follow.

#9 – Share in other Platforms

Another method you can opt for increasing exposure of video in YouTube is to upload the same video in other video-sharing platforms, particularly a bit more popular YouTube alternatives. In that way, you can increase viewership of audience, which will then increase popularity of video by means of word of mouth!

Do you have any other effective tips to promote video in YouTube? Then, let us know about those in your comments below.

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