Which Is the Best Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home?

air conditioning unit

Searching for a brand-new air-conditioning unit or getting an upgrade for an existing model can be stressful and confusing. Considering which air conditioning unit might be for you unleashes an extensive range of pros, cons and variables to take into consideration, all dependent on the type of home you live in, the space you have currently available, your daily lifestyle needs and the cost of utilities suited to your pockets.

To minimise confusion and maximise inspiration here is a helpful guide to the most popular units on the market today, so you can select the product that is right for your unique home.

Small Homes

Small units are by a long shot the most popular option for smaller dwellings in the UK, particularly portable air conditioners. They are a massively convenient alternative to the larger air conditioning systems currently available, making them ideal for moving around smaller rooms, corridors, and spaces.

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Though portable systems are not as efficient as the central or split system, they are a great option for those who rent a property or move around frequently. Despite their differences, portable air conditioners often possess a more stylish design to suit the decor of your home. The built-in wheels enable ease of transport from room to room and easy control.

Medium Homes

Best suited for most medium-sized abodes, is a split system is a dynamic air conditioning unit which is comprised of two main components, an indoor and an outdoor unit. They are compact and quiet, making them perfect for smaller dwellings and spaces. They come without the stress of a heavy-duty installation, as they do not require the fitting of ducts or external mechanics.

They work by pumping refrigerant through their in-built cooling circuits, which the compressor converts into the specialised refrigerant unit. The gas produced cools and vaporises the icy liquid and causes the temperature to drop rapidly. Pumping the gas at maximum pressure allows the vapour to be turned back into the refrigerant to catalyse heat and so on.

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The indoor and the outdoor units are both connected by high-pressure pipework, gas lines and electrical wires. Losing very little heat when compared to its standard central system counterparts, it is eco-friendly and has exceptionally efficient performance levels; helping you save money year-round by reducing overall energy wastage and costs.

Large Homes

Made especially with larger homes in mind, central air conditioning acts like a giant refrigerator throughout your home, turning AC refrigerant liquid into a gas and back again within the unit. This process powers the coils and tubes which give off the heat to power your home; they can easily transfer heat and cold to where they are needed most. These systems are often equipped with powerful pumps or ducts so that air can be dispersed throughout your living space.

The furnace is fitted separately and typically placed in the attic or basement, though the temperature can be viewed and controlled via thermostats elsewhere in the house.

Powered by electricity, the classic central system is not always the most economically efficient (especially during the Summer season when AC is vital). However, there are many great choices with evolved efficiency currently available on the market. A centrally based unit is best suited to larger homes with space for a separate furnace and air ducts to be added.

BOXT are proud to stock and install a wide range of top-quality air conditioning units for homes and businesses across the UK. Simply answer some questions about your property to be presented with a list of potential air conditioning units suited to various budgets.

You may now have a better idea of which air conditioning unit to consider when getting quotes and searching for fitters in your area. Whatever your requirements or available space you can find the right unit for your home with the correct advice and practical size information.