Garden Renovation Ideas for Summer

garden renovation ideas

One of the fun things about the summer is being able to spend more time out in the garden. But this summer we all are stuck in our homes for past few weeks and are bored of staring at the same walls. And with all this sunny weather we’ve been having since lockdown, the same can be said for our gardens. It is the right time to redesign and renovate our gardens and patios.

People are realizing now the importance of creating a spot in the garden that is perfect for sitting out in and enjoying the sunbathe. You can renovate your garden by simply by introducing a new piece of garden furniture, a bright colored bench or a striped deck chair. Or you might like to transform your plot into a summer garden best suited for tea parties with family and friends.

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Whether you are sunning yourself alone or hosting a friend’s party, read the following summer garden tips to give a fresh look to your favourite corner in the house.

Patio and garden furniture

Consider working on a beautifully paved patio into your garden scheme. On a war summer day, imagine yourself fling opening your patio doors and step out onto a lavish tilled area.

Patio garden slab is the amazing idea to keep the flow of the movement from interior into the exterior garden area. Patio blurs the line between interior and exterior, gives a fresh country garden look.

Loads of different styles can be tried to match your aesthetic taste – grey or white stone laid in a random pattern gives French country look, black block paving will give a more modern, chic look. There are other different color schemes for stones that you can try.

Also make sure you get good quality, durable patio slabs and get a professional concrete solution company in to lay good quality self-leveling concrete.

Paint the fence

The main part is to paint the fence to give an entirely fresh look to your garden. Try some dark-light color combinations, they work great together especially in summer. Bright followers and patterns can also help you to get a stunning garden look. However, for shady gardens you can opt for light and pastel shades to brighten up the space.

Always get a best quality paint that will not only be long lasting but will also protect the wood from rotting in rainy season.

Water feature

Following water is not only beautiful to admire, but the sound is very relaxing. And if your garden is small in space, strategically adding a water feature is also likely to attract hummingbirds.

Natural environment can also have many health benefits. Spending more time in such relaxing corner helps in reducing blood pressure and stress levels to improve your physical and mental health. We could all do with a bit of that at the moment.

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It’s very easy to get a water feature installed. You can power water features through different power sources – mains, solar power and battery powered.


Lighting is also very really important in your garden to create a relaxing atmosphere. Having aesthetic lighting in your garden means you can use it right into the evenings and not just in the daytime. It can set the scene for romantic dinners and have friends over for a little evening get together.

Fairy multicolored lights are the prettiest way to light up your garden, but it’s also an amazing idea to invest in solar wall mounted lights to provide a bit more illumination. If you have any trees in your garden, hanging little solar lights from the branches can give your garden a really cosy, whimsical feel.


The corners of your garden demand a particular attention. These are the places to fill with a bit of height and interest to give it your taste. The idea is to put your cozy garden furniture, your trees, your potted plant arrangements or your BBQ area.