How to Raise Your Brand’s Profile

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Making sure your brand stands out from the crowd is increasingly difficult in today’s world, so here are handy tips to help you get your brand out there:

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Create a Stunning Website

It is vital to have an exciting and vibrant website to keep ahead of the competition. You need to explain how your brand works and what you are about to your potential customers, so ensure your site is easy to navigate, user-friendly and sends a clear message to visitors about your brand and how to buy it easily from your site. The aim of your website should be to gain visitors who keep coming back and who let others know about your brand and create more custom for you. Consider where your call-to-action button (e.g. Buy Now) will be and test where it works best. Make sure it is easy for visitors to access all areas of your website. Keep the design simple but effective and use colors that will entice more traffic to your site and enhance your brand.

Use Social Media

Find out which social media platforms your target market is looking at and upload content on to these sites. Think carefully about how you want to communicate with your potential buyers and make it different on each site. Take the time to post new content daily and make sure it is relevant and in line with current trends. Reply to comments and engage with your followers by posting regular blogs.

Collaborate with Another Brand

Collaboration can lead to bigger target markets for both businesses and increased sales. You could either work with another brand to design products and collections together or you could promote each other in a complementary way. Make sure you do extensive research first and can give genuine reasons for working together as well as ensuring both brands can contribute and benefit equally. Stay realistic and look for ways to join forces without being in direct competition, e.g. a hairdresser and a bridal company could promote each other’s businesses.

Invest in Promotional Merchandise

This is such an easy and effective way to raise your brand’s profile and thank existing customers for their business. Don’t go too cheap as this will reflect on your brand, so try to be creative and create a more personalised gift which will get your brand recognized. You could make your own hoodie with your brand name and your customer’s name on which will hopefully be worn with pride and promote your brand. You could ask for posts on social media to increase your brand’s reach and offer them as competition giveaways to get a more national reach.

Get a Google Business Listing

Most people ask Google for places near them on Google Maps or via an internet search and if your brand is not listed you will miss out. A listing on the first page of a search is important to gain recognition and only takes a few minutes to set up. It is a free service which not only promotes your business effectively but also improves your search engine optimization.

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