7 Best SEO Tricks That You Didn’t Know About

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Web searches are conducted in billions from specific countries alone every month and even every year. A survey says that there are 15 billion web searched conducted every month from the United States alone. Taking into account this immense numerical, maintaining your ranking for the website on the top is not going to be easy.

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SEO or the factor that is considered is calculated in determining the ranking of the website can be enhanced with the help of various techniques and tricks. The SEO of a website is very important and it is important to maintain that ranking to ensure that your website tops the search results. Here we are going to highlight some of the best options that you have for increasing the SEO ranking of any website. They include factors like social content with various social media, videos related to the website you have designed, the mobile optimisation factors and many more.

#1: The Social Media Contents


The contents that are generated for social Media like Facebook, twitter ad even LinkedIn are very important. The marketing person always emphasises the need for such social platforms for the promotion of the websites that you have to build. In particular the commercial websites like the e-commerce ones or blogs are benefiting from this particular SEO trick. The social media content in the form of ads are in particular very useful for helping with the ranking of the website. Particularly for the brand names, the social media contents are searched the most for relevant information.

#2: Conversion Rate Optimisation


This is a very popular mode of SEO enhancement that helps to drive the traffic to the website and they help to engage the visitors. However, this is a method that is not widely used by many websites, which are new as it is rather complicated and demands a certain level of expertise. This is also a very important part of the digital marketing technology and hence cannot be discarded anyway. The CRO methods and its applications are expected to increase this year. Also web tracking in Google analytics is also very popular in addition to this method of enhancing the SEO ranking.

#3: App Store Optimisation


The apps are very popular among the users since the advent of the android or smart phone. The apps being friendly on the mobile interface even more so that the responsive website has become an instant hit among the users of the website. Hence, many websites are concentrating on designing an app that will help the users to navigate the website with ease. Creating an app form the website also helps to increase the visibility of the website in every platform. The app would help the website to engage a large number of users of the website. Who tend to surf the web from the mobile device more than any other devices.

#4: Local Search and Vocal Search


The option to search the website with the help of voice and the emphasis on the vocal tool would ensure that the website is easier to access for the users. The businesses which operate on a local level through a website will need to clearly input terms or keywords. Which are relevant for users who are searching for the service. The local terms should be there within the website content. Google algorithm at the same time is working hard to make search easier and vocal or conversations and hence the SEO trick would be to lay emphasis on increasing the visibility in the voice search engine pages.

#5: Video Creation & Optimization


A very effective and yet easy way to increase the SEO ranking is creating or generating videos. The YouTube videos have a rage lately and embedding the video link on your website can ensure a lot of user engagement. A well planned and executed video can earn the company or the business a very dedicated group of visitors. Which will help them to build the SEO ranking and increase it up the line. However, the making of the video should be do with proper care and also with an attractive story-line. Which will provide an advantageous position for the website owners in terms of the audience they receive.

#6: Google Knowledge Graph ad Traffic Drop


The attractive interface or the website design is not the only engaging factor of the website. The content should also be informative enough. Apart from that there are other strategies like the crowd sourcing contests. Which are a very popular option of gaining audience. However, despite all these it is very important to keep a track of the traffic statistics provided by Google. For this Google knowledge graph can come to your rescue. This is a very good option to easily understand the traffic sources. And also, the keywords that are being use for the website. Studying the statistics would help the user to build their next strategies for developing the ranking of the website.

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#7: Local SEO is also important

Concentrating on building the local SEO is another very important factor is developing the seo ranking of the website. The local SEO is one of those factors which can build a solid ground for the website to get enough traffic. And also, a good ranking in the on the search engines. The local pages like those which have the information about your business. The address and contact information should be include on the website to enhance the chances of improving on the grounds of local SEO.

It has been found that the local SEO increase in the mobile visitors by 50% at least. Local information on the ads of the website also engages the users of the website. Effective SEO tricks that should be master in order to enhance the ranking of the website. The top seo tricks are listed in the article for your benefit in the most comprehensive manner. Hopefully, these SEO tricks are perfect for business websites and for any websites in general.

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