4 Stupid Things You Do to Lose Weight


Losing weight requires more than the right techniques. Avoiding some of the common mistakes in your daily life is part of the success! Today I will show you a few mistakes that you should avoid to shed that extra pounds.

1) The most fearless mistake: eat delicious food only


Correction: It is, by no means, a wise move to eat only delicious food. The basic rule of weight loss is that you burn more calories than you take. Therefore, low-calorie diet should be your first choice. The so-called delicious foods are, more often than not, rich in additive, fat, sugar and calories.

2) The most comforting mistake: if I eat more meals, I can lose weight


Correction: Indeed, less food and more meals can effectively control your calorie intake and put your metabolism in a relatively stable state, provided that you divide your fixed daily calorie intake, say, from three meals to five meals. However, if you only remember the “more meals” part and cannot stop eating, you will take in more calories than you normally do in three meals. The results speak for themselves.

3) The most torturous mistake: if I stay up late, I will lose weight


Correction: The argument that tiredness leads to weight loss is slowly losing its ground. When you stay up late, you tend to eat night snacks, which in turn will only make you fatter than you already are. The reason is that the snacks you eat at night are more likely to turn into fat and settle down in your body. As the old Chinese saying goes, rise and rest the same way the earth does. That is, you should work when it is bright and rest when it is dark.

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4) The most calculated mistake: if I stick to refined eating, I will be slim


Correction: Many people believe that refined eating is a symbol of quality life and you will become healthy and slim if you stick to refined eating. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If the food is too finely made, it has already lost some of the healthy nutrients. On the other hand, eating only refined grains, milk, eggs, etc. can easily lead to constipation, thus imposing extra pressure on metabolism. Therefore, you should eat more fiber-rich food, which is essential to intestinal peristalsis, digestion and weight loss.