5 Abominable Healthy Smoothies You Should Be Drinking

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Making smoothies can be fun and drinking them can be very refreshing. However, while most of the smoothies that you make and drink will taste absolutely delicious there are some that are disgustingly healthy. This may seem weird but while they don’t taste the greatest there are reasons that you should still be drinking them. There are 5 disgustingly healthy smoothie recipes that you should be drinking start today.

Smoothie #1: A Brilliant Detox Smoothie

This smoothie may actually be one of the weirdest combinations that you could think of because you will mix up dandelion root and blueberries. It does taste horrible. However, it can help to improve your digestion, help lower blood pressure, help manage cholesterol levels, and give you a great amount of proper nutrition too. Is the stand-offish taste worth the benefits?

Smoothie #2: An Interesting Smoothie Disaster

Alright so you have read about the bad taste of the brilliant detox smoothie but what about the interesting smoothie disaster? Just the name itself says it all or does it? You can mist this asparagus smoothie with anything that you want and it still isn’t going to taste good at all. However, the taste me denied when you know the benefits. Asparagus is full of healthy vitamins that you don’t want to pass up. Maybe just plug your nose and pretend you are drinking something else.

Smoothie #3: The Dark Sludge Smoothie

Alright so you have read about two smoothie disasters so what is next? Well, the dark sludge smoothie is a mixture of kale and blackberries. This smoothie is very bitter and quite difficult going down. It really doesn’t taste all that great either unless you add some brighter fruits to it such as oranges. This smoothie is a no go but you still may want to drink it. The benefits that you can get from this smoothie are great antioxidants, Vitamin C and a ton of other essential nutrients too.

Smoothie #4: The Bleh Green Smoothie

This might not be the greatest name every but it perfectly describes this broccoli filled smoothie. When this smoothie was first created the broccoli was mixed with banana which was a horrible taste combination. However, the health benefits make it worth it. Not only do you get the great benefits of vitamins from the bananas but you will also get the benefits of the broccoli too which helps to reduce cholesterol levels, reduce allergy symptoms and more.

Smoothie #5: The Intriguing Mixture Smoothie

Last but not least, one of the most horrible tasting smoothies that you should be drinking is the intriguing mixture smoothie. This mixture is an avocado, pineapple, peach and banana mixture. Not only does this mixture make the smoothie way too sweet but the avocado adds a disgusting aftertaste. The thing is with all of these great ingredients you aren’t going to be lacking on healthy vitamins and nutrients so it is on the list of must drink smoothies no matter how horrible it tastes.

There you have it. The list of the top 5 abominable healthy smoothies that are out there. They may not taste that great or they may not taste good at all but if you want to make sure that you are taking in the right amount of nutrients and vitamins then these smoothies are must-haves. The combinations may even seem a little bit weird or off the charts but you never know until you try them. Who knows what is disgustingly healthy could be at the top of the list of great tasting smoothies for someone else?

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