Check Out The Health Benefits of The Chocolates

health benefits of the chocolates

Who doesn’t crave for chocolate gift? Ever wondered, why you love chocolates the most..? If your answer is that it tastes the best, you are mistaken. It isn’t the taste alone, which impresses us; it’s also the way it makes us feel. They are one of the best foods, which can do a lot of good for our brains. Check out the health benefits of the chocolates detailed below.

Makes you feel happy:

“Endorphins” are the chemical substances, which make us feel happy. The chocolates are capable of boosting the production of these chemicals in our body. These chemical substances target the opiate receptors in the brain and form a bond with them. Further, it leads to the feelings of euphoria. The presence of phenylethylamine, which is popularly known as love drug creates a brain buzz, which is quite similar to being in love.

Helps you to relieve stress:

If you find any of your friends being tensed or stressed, send chocolates by post to them. The presence of magnesium in the chocolates relieves our stress and helps us to feel relaxed. It is to be noted that our regular diet can’t provide us enough magnesium. Chocolates are the best way of gaining this metal. Another important relaxant “Theo bromine” is also provided by the chocolates.

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Improves blood circulation to the brain:

The chocolates have a great reputation for improving attention span, decreasing reaction time, boost memory and enhancing problem solving skills. Ever wondered how all this is made possible..? The flavonoids present in the chocolates can increase the blood flow to the brain cells. Recent studies have proven that consuming two cups of hot chocolate can increase the blood flow to the brain for about 3 hours.

Saves your brain from free radical damage:

Do you know that your brain alone makes use of 20% of the intake oxygen..? This odd phenomenon makes it highly susceptible to free radical damage. This damage is much similar to the rusting of metals. The free oxygen molecules attack the brain cells and damage them. If you have seen a sliced apple turn brown, you actually saw the free radicals at work. Consumption of chocolates helps you to gain anti-oxidants, which are capable of neutralizing these free radicals.

Reduces your craving for junk food:

You heard it right…! Eating dark chocolate can make you feel full and reduce your cravings for junk food. This simplifies your efforts of losing weight. So, if you are on a diet, make sure to eat chocolates. It helps you to make healthy food choices and cuts down your calories intake. The presence of phytochemicals is stated as the reason behind this behaviour of chocolates.

Provides lifetime protection to your brain:

Of late, it is discovered that chocolates are capable of treating the brain related medical conditions like dementia and strokes. The richness of antioxidants in chocolates has made this possible. Insulin resistance can be lowered by including dark chocolate in our diet. The required glucose levels can’t be gained by the brain cells, if they become insulin resistant.

The bottom line: Chocolates are the powerful brain boosters you can ever get. Your brain remains healthy and you can increase your focus, concentration and memory. Aging signs of the brain can be diminished, and you can keep it completely functional for your lifetime.