Best COVID-Safe Debit Card Processing for Restaurants

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Keep your business safe during these times with a COVID-safe debit card processing system. Shop for a system that doesn’t include a credit card surcharge, is easy to clean and allows your team to maintain the proper social distancing to stay open and safe. With a few additional steps and an upgraded POS system, your business can continue to thrive in this environment.

Alternative Payment Options

Customers are turning to alternative payment and ordering methods during these times. If you’re looking for a COVID-safe processing system, it’s important to include flexible payment options. These are designed to avoid forming long lines in your building and to reduce the point of contact between customers and cashiers at your business.

Some options include contactless payment and mobile app payment processing. These allow for minimal or no contact, which prevents the spread of germs and bacteria from your cashiers to customers. These options are surprisingly safe and easy, so they may have already been the preferred payment strategy for some of your customers.

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Other alternative payment options include paying over the phone or online. Phone-based payments require your cashiers to manually enter debit card information. A state-of-the-art POS system makes this safe and easy with a large touchscreen and the latest in secure payment processing. Online payments can be set up through your website and POS system for easy ordering any time of day.

Socially Distanced Processing

Another way to stay safe is to rethink your ordering process. A socially distanced line of customers can quickly fill your restaurant and cause traffic issues, so consider alternative methods. A Clover Flex allows your cashiers and servers to meet your customers at a more appropriate location to process the transaction. Shop for the latest Clover Flex for sale to see how you can afford multiple mobile points of sale. This breaks up a single line and allows your team to quickly process transactions and limit waiting in line.

Some POS systems include separate debit card slots and POS screens. This enables a contactless card reading with all debit and credit cards. Simply have your customers insert their card and sign on a separate screen while your cashiers enter the necessary information on the main screen.

Easy-To-Clean POS Systems

Your sanitation process is critical to reducing the risk of spreading the virus. As a major contact point between customers and coworkers, your POS system needs to be continually monitored and sanitized. Choose a system with surfaces that are easy to wipe with a cloth and disinfectant.

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Always check with the owner’s manual of your POS before cleaning. Some surfaces require specialized cleaning agents, while others can be cleaned with your typical cleaning routine.

Stay Safe With a Clover Station POS System

A Clover Station is a competitive option for efficient, secure and safe processing. Explore the benefits of these POS stations today by contacting your local POS reseller or discussing your options with a merchant account service provider. Don’t let the pandemic shake your business model, but reinvent your payment processing to keep up with the times.

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