5 Important Things To Consider When Buying CBD

buying CBD products

Buying cannabis products today is considerably different, and simply because the legal status of medical and recreational use has changed drastically. Purchasing these products has become exceptionally simple, especially when considering that dispensaries continue to be open in Seattle and customers can enjoy a wide range of various products. However, just because getting your hands on CBD or THC products has become almost void of effort, there are still a few essential things that you should consider before buying.

Where Does It Come From?

CBD is an extract found in the stem, flowers, and even leaves of the hemp plant. What most of us don’t know is that there are quite a few different ways that the compound can be extracted. The extracted substance is then either concentrated or infused, to make matters slightly more complicated.

The main reason you should know where it comes from and how it is extracted is simply that different processes will produce different products and varied health benefits. While extraction processes can vary drastically according to the company, the primary methods include solvent extraction, olive oil extraction, and CO2 extraction. Before buying CBD products, keep in mind that CO2 extraction is usually best when it comes to obtaining the highest purity of the terpenes and cannabinoids without the introduction of chemicals.

Types Of CBD

All CBD products are not created equal as there are three main variances to look for when buying. CBD isolate is widely considered the purest as it is extracted from the plant and then separated from any other cannabinoids, which means it is 99% pure CBD. The next type is full-spectrum CBD, which contains the whole hemp plant and all its cannabinoids. Therefore, full-spectrum CBD does have the psychoactive compound, THC. The last most common type of CBD is broad-spectrum CBD, which contains a significantly more beneficial formulation as it contains a slightly higher level of the psychoactive compound.

THC Content

Before settling on a type of CBD product that is right for you, you should consider the relevant THC contents. While some hemp-friendly consumers feel THC best avoided, in the correct dosage, it can provide several benefits. However, you should avoid CBD products in which the THC content is not significantly lower than the CBD content. Evidence has confirmed that combining the two components usually provides the best results, which means pure CBD isolate may only offer limited benefits.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Third-party lab testing is essential when purchasing most products as this is often the determining factor many consumers take into account when considering effectiveness and quality. This is because an outside lab is testing the product, and you will have confirmation that the retailer is as good as they claim to be.


The price of CBD products should always be a relevant factor as too low raises quality concerns while too high is not plausible. Therefore, before purchasing these products, you should shop around to get an average price for your area and compare product prices as you would when grocery shopping or even furniture shopping.