Do You Want To Improve Your Job Prospects? Pursue a Specialised B. Tech

pursue a specialised b. tech

Bachelor of technology is a four-year undergraduate engineering degree which serves as a foundation to build a strong career in engineering. Students who have completed their high school, i.e. 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Maths as their core subjects are eligible for this course provided, they have an aggregate of 60% in these subjects. Though, this criterion can vary according to different institutes. The degree also has a range of specialisation that you can choose from depending on your skillset and choice of career, which includes Chemical, Mechanical and Civil engineering. B. Tech admission in India is constantly on a rise due to favourable job prospects it offers. Post completion of your degree, these are some prominent profiles that you can apply for:

  1. Chemical Engineer

The job of a chemical engineer involves chemical analysis along with testing, designing and developing various products. They are the ones that change the chemical or biochemical state of a product into something completely different, such as obtaining plastic from oil. They develop a host of such useful products from raw material keeping issues like cost and health safety in mind. If you choose a career in this field then you will be involved in making important products like petrochemicals and medicine.

  1. Civil Engineer 

A civil engineer is someone who creates and improves structures that are integral to a functioning society. They take part in the building and maintenance of structures such as railways, roads, dams, irrigation, power plant and many more. Planning, designing and constructing are all part of their job profile and they are also responsible for creating tall buildings that can endure all weather conditions.

  1. Production Engineer

The process of manufacturing and supervising the production of goods is carried out by the production engineer. They work in industries or plants where they ensure that each product that is developed matches complete efficiency and quality. A production engineer also ensures that the finished good meets all the required standards and is created using appropriate technology.

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  1. Aerospace Engineer

An aerospace engineer is involved in designing, building, manufacturing and maintaining aircraft, missiles and weapon systems. They are often employed by the federal government and hold a position of importance and prestige. Studying to be an aerospace engineer involves in-depth knowledge of electricity, robotics, physics, drafting, aeronautics, mathematics etc.

5. Product Manager

A product manager is someone responsible for putting together a product and making it successful. They plan, execute and supervise this product and set a definite roadmap for its definition. Their job involves marketing and forecasting possible profits and risk involved. A product manager is also someone who analyses the market and provides deep product expertise essential in making strategic product decisions. The role is off-beat from regular engineering jobs but carries elements crucial to the field.

Students who pursue B. Tech open themselves to a host of possibilities and can take up job roles of various kinds which are highly rewarding and come with good remunerations.