How Does Growing In A Community Impact Your Kid’s Life


The surroundings where your kids are born and brought up play a major role in their life. The tiniest of tiniest things they grasp during their childhood are the ones that create a huge impact in their future, especially in decision making. Just like how every coin has two sides, growing your kid in the community has both advantages and disadvantages as well.

Let’s have a look at how growing in a community can impact a kid’s life.

Significant Exposure

A gated community consists of more than 200 flats with people from around different regions and religions. So your kid gets to interact with more diverse people, which will not only enhance their social skills but also expose him to a lot of different traditions and beliefs. This is like a mini social training for your child, it will help him/her be more comfortable in socialising with new people.

Manner of Living

Living in a gated community your kid will have access to the all the new and latest facilities without having to travel much. And leading a luxurious life right from childhood can make them adapted to such a lifestyle. This will make it harder for them to adjust in the outside world in case they move out and live in a city in the future.


Kids are very curious and excited when it comes to learning new things and they are never satisfied with the theoretical knowledge from the book. They like to explore, try and implement the things they have learned. Apart from a library at the community, some kid-friendly societies also have/conduct extra learning classes such as music, dance, aeromodelling, etc. which not only keeps the kid occupied but also helps him/her gain a lot of knowledge. There are several hobby clubs and sports activities. That happen every week which allows your kid to learn and explore new things.

Enhanced Safety & Security

Communities are usually mounted by huge walls and have a very limited to access to the neighborhood or outside world. And being protected 24/7 by guards, parents, and apps with features like child security the kid will be habituated to living in a secured bubble. If there is an odd situation he/she will not be able to handle it. Since they haven’t seen any situation like this before or will not know how to tackle it.

Physical Activity

Due to the lack of the right infrastructure and educational pressure, children today spend most of their after-school time indoors. But living in a community can help him/her learn and be as active as possible. There are plenty of physical activities that are conducted for kids specifically, such as swimming classes/competition, basketball, tennis classes, etc. And as we know kids never say no to the fun activities and would love to participate. This way you are ensured that your kid will always be active and energised physically.

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Overall Development

Communities often conduct cultural events in their clubhouse, especially on special occasions such as national holidays, festivals, annual events, etc. These events actually provide a platform for your kids to explore. And showcase their talent, be it dancing, acting, singing, etc. This also helps them to overcome stage fear and crowd which in fact prepares them for future challenges in life.

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