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4 Effective Methods of Reducing Yard Maintenance

As many homeowners around the globe feel that maintaining their yards is quite the extra effort, many also feel it is exceptionally time-consuming. When considering just how fast a beautiful landscaping design can become an unsightly overgrown jungle of a yard, there’s no denying the importance of yard maintenance. However, you may still be wondering if there are ways that you could cut some effort from the chore to keep your yard beautiful and your curb appeal alluring. Luckily, the following yard maintenance tips will help keep you on track and up to date and able to enjoy your charming yard without finding excuses to push off maintenance.

These effective methods of yard maintenance may be just what you have been searching for!

Opt For Low-Maintenance Outdoor Decor

Even though all outdoor decor items may seem low maintenance, this is not entirely true. Certain designs of decor and materials used will be significantly less maintenance. While you may be considered lavishly painted plant potters and other such elegant items, it would be far wiser to opt for garden decor that can simply be hosed down. Therefore, if you are considering a gorgeous outdoor water feature, it would be much better to consider hosting such an elegant decor piece inside your home as there would be less maintenance and damage to the item.

Indoor water fountains could be installed in your hallway rather than outside, which means you won’t be having to protect your beautiful investment from the harsh outdoor conditions. In addition to this, you should also consider wooden or concrete outdoor furniture as fabrics can fast fade and become tatty in the sun. Opting for natural materials will encourage far less maintenance.

Irrigation System

Walking up and down your yard with a garden hose may not be the most effortful chore, although, it is quite time-consuming and especially so if your yard is quite large. Rather than wasting your time, you could rather have an irrigation system installed as this would allow you to sit back, relax, and know that your lawn and plant life will thrive. You will be able to set a timer on your water irrigation system, which means you won’t even need to turn it on and off manually as the timer will remember for you.

The extra cost spent on this investment will definitely prevent your yard from wilting in the event that you forget to water your yard quite often.

Evergreen Plants, Hardworking Plants, And Self-Seeding Plants

Your choice of greenery will have a massive impact on how much effort you need to invest in your yard. Therefore, you should carefully consider what types of plants you have in your garden and determine which may be causing you a headache. Evergreen plants are well-known for their ability to stay green and lush all year round, which means you won’t either have to lose interest during colder months and find your yard void of colour and life.

What’s more, there are also certain plants that don’t require much attention at all, such as lavender, daisies, and succulents. These plants are considered hardworking plants as it does not take much to see them thriving. Self-seeding plants will also save you a lot of effort as they will self-seed and come back year after year. Such plants include forget-me-nots, marigolds, alyssum, and primula malacoides.

Reduce The Amount Of Lawn In Your Yard

Even if you have an evergreen lawn and a trusty irrigation system, you will still have to mow your lawn at least once each week. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to remove the issue of lawn mowing effort, although, you can reduce the amount of lawn you have in your yard as this simply means, less time and effort. You can do this by including pavings, pebbles, and pathways and opting for a harder landscaping plan that will reduce the need for lawn.

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In the event that you are searching for methods of removing lawn mowing completely from your chore list, you could also consider installing astroturf. Astroturf is basically plastic grass and the send will definitely be worth it if mowing the lawn is on your list of least favourite chores. You also won’t need to water the lawn, however, it would be wise to hose it down every now and then to remove bugs and other small pests. Astroturf is not entirely an effortless solution as it will require yard maintenance, and the lack of liveliness often steers homeowners from this solution as nothing can really compare to real grass.

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