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8 Best Bucket List For Newborn Baby

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re a mommy now. And good luck if it’s your first time. Being a mother brings a lot of changes in your life and nothing prepares you for being a brave and strong mother.

Yes, parenting books, some sessions, therapy can surely help, but none of these can support you for the changes that are about to pop up in your life.

When you first bring your baby home, you will feel like time is flying, you hardly even remember to take a shower because you are busy doing things for your baby, especially when it comes to shopping for your child. You stop by so many places, such as Mybabyshop, Mothercare, Infantino or even wait for the baby expo fair for the “one” suitable romper that fits your baby perfectly.

While doing so much for your child, you also don’t want to miss out on a single cute silly thing he does. So consider creating a whole new bucket list for your newborn star. A list, full of some cute, small, adventurous moments for your little star to experience while growing up.

So, here are some bucket list ideas for your newborn baby.


Let’s hope you’re a baby scrapbook person, and if not, then be one. It is important for your child to have momentous memories of him and for that, take your baby’s super adorable footprints and handprints. Do it before your baby turns twelve leaving behind a trail of socks all over. You won’t be able to remember how mini those feet used to be once. So make some time and have someone to hold him for you and get a stamp of your baby’s feet with some colorful paints or colors.

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Don’t forget to capture a stock of pictures of major milestones, such as baby’s first summer holiday on a beach, first tooth or those tiny little first steps. Record your baby’s every special moment so you can cherish them while he is all grown up. Make sure to be present in all his momentous pictures and videos because so many times, mom is the one who records stuff while everyone else is holding the baby. And surely, you may not feel like taking pictures of yours when you are a new mother with some leftover makeup on your face and little sleep.


Bath times are always more fun when there are bubbles everywhere. It’s a great way to make your baby have fun while you clean him up. Blow bubbles in the water and watch your baby giggle as the bubbles pop around him. Also, take a mother-baby-bath to experience some quality time together.


Consider a road trip with your baby. Grab a comfortable car seat and make your baby sit in it. All you have to do is grab as many toys as you can for the trip. It will keep the baby happy and busy for much longer. If your baby is on formula milk or breastfeeding then don’t forget to keep bottles of milk in the back seat of your car. Your baby will enjoy the lovely sights outside the windows and you will love to watch his eyes pop out of his head with excitement.


Play games with your newborn. The peek-a-boo game is one of the most common games you’ll come across. It attracts your baby’s attention and gets them excited. Everyone knows the concept of peek-a-boo here, the parent usually covers his face with hands and then while uncovering it, he says, “PEEK-A-BOO.” It feels good to hear that belly laugh from your baby and also becomes a good memory for your baby.


Reading a book to your newborn is important, it develops a real connection between you two. Through this, the baby interacts with your soothing voice which makes his mind flow with rhythm and accents of your voice. While doing this you’ll notice that your baby is sometimes slightly moving his legs and arms on your rhythm. Reading picture books to your newborn helps him to focus his eyes on simple objects, shapes or patterns. And by this, your newborn will begin to start recognizing colors, objects, and letters as the time passes by. It’s actually a one-on-one activity thing that turns into real quality time with your baby.


Turns out, your baby develops new changes and capabilities every day and that is why your baby must be monitored at least every month. Now be creative. Capture a picture of your baby each month on the same chair or his favorite bean bag. This will tell you how much and how far have your baby come. Put those pictures in your baby’s scrapbook for the sake of memories.

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Make some time out of your busy schedule and take your baby out for a short visit to a park. Your baby will see hundreds of different new things around him. As it is also important to bring a healthy change in an environment for your little cupcake. Your baby feels fresh and energetic as long as he’s getting fresh air. Taking your newborn out, interacting him with new people, clicking some cute pictures with him will always be on the bucket list of many mothers out there.


Giving birth is already a big thing to do but wanting to do much more for your baby is a never-ending thing. Things you never enjoyed as a child, you want your baby to enjoy them and have the greatest childhood experience. To accomplish all your wishes, make a bucket list for your baby from the beginning. Include everything you desire for your baby to experience and make it work. For starters, take his footprints for the record.

Take thousands of pictures of your baby and place them in a scrapbook. Try taking baths together to get involved in his fun time. A bubble bath would be perfect for him. Take your newborn on a road trip to grandma’s or read him picture books for fun. Just stick along with your child because no matter what, once a parent, always a parent.

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