Helping Children Make The Most of Their Education


Most parents want their children to perform well at school and make the most of their time in education. However, without your support, it’s unlikely that they’ll reach their full potential. In fact, studies have concluded that the more involvement parents have in their child’s schooling, the more likely the child is to succeed. The following guidance from a prep school in London should help you understand how best to help your child.

Your child needs to know that you are there for them and that you are attentive in terms of their academic life. If they want to talk to you about school, don’t cut them off or ignore them because then they’ll think you don’t care and probably won’t try as hard. Instead, engage with them and ask open-ended questions. You should also praise them when they have achieved something, no matter how small. Aside from meal times with the family, other great times to chat are car journeys and dog walks. Your own talking and listening skills will help shape the way your child talks and listens.

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Be sure to attend parents’ evening and meet with your child’s teachers regularly. It’s important that you are kept in the loop about how they’re performing and if there’s anything you can do to help. What’s more, the teachers will be able to give you an overview of the curriculum so that you know which areas of each subject to explore at home. Knowing more about what your child is learning about and their general school day should help you connect with them better.

It’s a good idea to cultivate certain skills as much as possible within your home, such as punctuality and organisation. Good organisational skills will ensure your child turns up to class on time and hands in their homework when they should. Being unorganised tends to lead to wasted time and lack of focus. You can encourage good organisation by leading by example and organising your own bag for work the night before, as well as packing lunches before bed.

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Of course, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, no parent can 100% guarantee that their child will do well in school, but you can certainly do your best. Essentially, it comes down to your child’s general attitude towards their education, which you can help promote in a positive direction.