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Is Nursery the Right Choice for My Child?

Choosing the right childcare is an important decision for every parent and can involve a lot of research to find the perfect solution for your family.

You may find the idea of your little one going to nursery upsetting; however, children can learn much from this environment. They will not only begin their learning journey, but they will also have the opportunity to interact with other children and develop their social and emotional skills.

To help you weigh up the pros and cons of nursery, Taunton School has put together the following advice for parents…

The Pros of Nursery

Nursery is the first stepping stone in your child’s educational journey and is usually their first step away from home. Although it may seem daunting for your child to be with strangers, nursery is an ideal way to build a structured learning routine and prepare them for school.

All the staff are fully trained at the nursery and work together as a team. This means there are always many helping hands to deliver a safe and nurturing environment.

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There are many fun and interactive learning activities available at the nursery. This helps to create a happy and stimulating setting for children to play and develop. Each session is carefully planned to keep children active and engaged, and each task helps to develop specific skills. Developing your child’s learning and social skills will help them to move on to school as confident and motivated learners.


Your child may participate in nursery activities, including painting, drawing, singing, dancing, story time, cooking, and even yoga! Your child will also play and learn in a group setting, which is great for developing social skills, making friends, and building confidence.

Children are usually divided into small working groups, and each child is appointed a crucial member of staff who can record their progress.

The Cons of Nursery

Nurseries are only sometimes flexible when it comes to session days and times. This is important to check if you wish to book a couple of morning sessions a week. Nurseries also have set opening and closing times, which you must follow, and some charge for missed sessions or lateness.

Many nurseries close for the school holidays, which can be around six weeks in the summer for working parents; this can be an issue, as they will need to arrange additional childcare for this period.

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Finally, when your child starts nursery, they are more likely to come into contact with germs and viruses because of the close contact with other children. This means more colds, coughs, and tummy bugs!

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