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7 Things To Consider When Naming Your Newborn

If somebody asks you about the best experience in the life one can go through; you may answer that to become a parent is the best experience of life. If you are not a parent at this point, even thinking of having a baby of your own in your lap makes you smile. Just imagine how it feels to the parents to have a baby; surely, it is the best moment in anyone’s life.

Thousands of positive and pleasant thoughts will bombard your mind from the moment when you listen that you are going to become a father or a mother. Your brain starts working on many ideas: How to raise the child? How to take care of him? What to feed him? How to manage the time between him and work? Even what profession should he choose? And so forth.

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One of the challenging thoughts amongst all these is what to name your newborn?You would agree with us that you have witnessed this dilemma within your family a lot of times about naming of the children. A long thought process starts, and a debate kicks off not even between parents but amongst other family members that what should be the name of the newborn. This debate and brainstorming last for days and the family members, somehow, reach to a consensus usually on a single name.

When naming a newborn, there are many factors which come to your way and require consideration and deliberation. There may not be hard and fast rules for naming newborns, but it mostly depends on the choice and taste of the parents. Nonetheless, there are some set patterns, and we would like to guide you through the process of choosing the best name for your newborn and consider the seven things during this process.


Many people like to go with the trends and when they become parents and have to choose names for their newborns; they want to pick up trendy names. As per the latest study, Oliver holds the top position in most popular names for boys; while Harry and Jack hold the second and third positions respectively in the list. Similarly, Olivia is on the top spot in the list of most popular names for girls; while Amelia holds the second position. Ava, Mia, and Isabella are also in the senior ten places on the same list.

So, if you are going to have a boy or a baby; you have the latest list of trendy names for those parents who like to go with trends. Going with trends have its pros and cons. Trendy names are easy to remember, but there may be many people around you with the same name, and people might mix up your newborn with others.


Also, another idea to stand out amongst the famous names that are trendy and easy to remember, but can’t disappear due to their unique spellings. For instance, if you name your baby girl Sophia which is a usual spelling of the name; you may add a variety into this generic name by changing its spelling to Sophiya, which is indeed unusual. So, there is another idea, and you can juggle with spellings of familiar names. However, you may not have this liberty in short names of 3-4 characters.


This idea has also become quite an acceptable norm among people these days, and they consider this factor while naming their newborn. Most of the parents want uniqueness yet universal acceptability within the society for their children names. Specificity sometimes leads to the weirdness that makes your newborn’s name a laughing stock in the community and that is what you don’t want. You may find fantastic baby middle name ideas here that sounds great with the first and last names.


Some of the parents don’t like popular names for their children, and they may have the right arguments for doing so. They say keeping regular names does not bring charm in the personality and there should be uniqueness in the names too. According to a study, only 5% parents used to select unique names for their newborns which were not top 1,000 popular names in the 1950s, but in present times, the percentage of such parents has gone up to 27.


Many parents neither look for trends nor long names for uniqueness, but they want quick and cute names for their beloved newborns. It is also a good idea to have a short title which is easy to remember and call. Like Ava, Mia or Jack are some examples of the short and sweet names which are famous and easy to remember. You can also think of unusual short names for uniqueness but remains sweet simultaneously like Cora, Isla or Aliz.


It is also a very significant factor to consider while naming a newborn and should be given due importance that the name should look good with the family name. Parents usually exhaust their all energy in the deliberation of the first name and completely forget this factor that how the first name will sound with the family name. If you name your boy Gray for uniqueness and your family name is Brown; how does it seem Gray Brown? Indeed, it sounds weird! So, think of a name that suits well with the family name.


This factor also plays a vital role in naming newborns,as many families want to keep their family legacy alive in the names of their children. Parents can name their newborns on the names of their great-grandparents or ancestors who may have done some remarkable work in the past or had a position and respect as a giant family head. It also reminds the new generations that they had a brilliant history and they should repeat something of that caliber.

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These are the seven things that should be known while naming the newborns. Naming a newborn can be as easy as nothing, but there should be some substantial deliberation behind the naming process so the name and personality of your children may stand out.

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