Everything you should know about the mulberry silk pillowcase

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There’s a big buzz around the mulberry silk pillowcase right now, you may be thinking of buying one for yourself or someone else. But what’s it all about? What exactly is a mulberry silk pillowcase, and what are the benefits of sleeping on one?

This guide will go through all you should know about mulberry silk pillowcases before making your investment. Covered are all the frequently asked questions, the benefits and what is meant when we refer to this fabric as mulberry silk.

What is mulberry silk?

Silk is an all-natural fabric that’s ultra luxurious. It’s so sleek and soft, and is associated with deluxe linens and clothing. Silk is produced by silkworms.

So where does the mulberry part come in? Mulberry leaves are what silkworms prefer to eat. So it’s known as mulberry silk because of their diet.

As that’s what they feast on before making silk, this in turn means that silk is, in essence, made from mulberry leaves. Just as cow’s milk is essentially made from grass, if you want to look at it that way. Isn’t nature clever?

The benefits of a mulberry silk pillowcase

Sleeping on mulberry silk has many benefits. Many people buy one of these silk pillowcases for beauty reasons, as it’s great for the skin and hair. Partly, this is due to the sleek finish of silk. This prevents friction, which can drag on the skin and hair during the night.

Silk is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so it can help to keep your skin cleaner. This can reduce breakouts and inflammation. Silk doesn’t absorb moisture like cotton. So if you do use prescribed or premium skin formulations, then more of that stays on your face rather than being transferred to your pillow.

People who sleep on silk pillowcases don’t tend to wake up with pillow creases. This means you look better first thing in the morning! But also in the longer term, as those creases can, over time, become deep-set lines and wrinkles on the face.

After a night on silk, you’re also more likely to wake up with sleek and healthy hair. Due to the smooth surface of the silk, your hair moves over it during the night more easily. Less frizz, damage and tangles is the result.

Silk can also be good for anyone who suffers from night sweats or hot flashes. It has a natural cooling effect. Because it has thermo-regulating properties, silk can feel cool in summer yet warm and cosy during winter.

close up of aqua silk pillowcase

A mulberry silk pillowcase also looks luxurious – and it’s the most comfortable thing to sleep on ever!

Top 10 Mulberry silk pillowcase FAQs

Are mulberry silk pillowcases real silk?

Mulberry silk is real silk. The mulberry part refers to the diet of the silkworms, who eat leaves from the mulberry bush or tree. Mulberry silk is then spun by these silkworms. So it’s real silk, and an entirely natural product too.

Is mulberry silk as good as real silk?

Mulberry silk is real silk. It’s called that because the silkworms that make it eat mulberry leaves. Mulberry soil is soft, strong and luxurious. The difference really lies in the momme count of the silk, which is like a thread count for cotton. Whether grade A long strands are used can also affect the quality of the finished silk.

What is the difference between 100% mulberry silk and real silk?

If it’s called 100% mulberry silk, then the silkworms producing it will eat nothing but mulberry leaves. Their favourite food, as it happens. Mulberry silk is the best silk money can buy, and in fact many would say the finest fabric of all.

Is mulberry silk good to sleep on?

Mulberry silk is incredible to sleep on. It’s uber soft and smooth, so it’s incredibly comfortable. This smooth surface has great benefits for your skin and hair. Mulberry silk is also breathable, thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic and antibacterial for the best night’s sleep ever.

Is mulberry silk good for your skin?

Mulberry silk is so good for your skin. It can help to keep skin free of bacteria, is great for helping your skin to retain natural or added moisture and is hypoallergenic too. As silk is so smooth, it can also result in fewer fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Is mulberry silk good for your hair?

The smooth surface of a mulberry silk pillowcase is great for your hair. Sleeping on it can result in more hydrated hair, as silk doesn’t absorb the natural moisture. As it’s so much sleeker, it also remains free from tangles, frizz and breakage. This is because there’s less friction.

Why is mulberry silk expensive?

Mulberry silk is costly to produce. The silkworms must be fed and cared for, and each only produces a small amount of silk. This must then be harvested, and only the best strands selected for the finest silk. Silk fabric is then carefully spun into beautiful fabric with a natural sheen before being made into garments and bedlinen.

Are mulberry silk pillowcases worth it?

Buying a mulberry silk pillowcase is so worth it! Silk is so much better for your hair and skin than cotton or man-made fabrics. It also looks and feels great. A mulberry silk pillowcase is also a great investment as it lasts for years – far longer than any skin cream or hair care product.

What are the mulberry silk pillowcase benefits?

The main benefits of mulberry silk are due to its natural properties. This silk is antibacterial, thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic and breathable. Silk fabric is super sleek, and absorbs less moisture from the skin and hair than synthetics or cotton. A silk pillowcase also looks and feels utterly luxurious.

Where can I buy mulberry silk pillowcases in the UK?

The best place to buy mulberry silk pillowcases in the UK is from silkpillowcase.co.uk. This family-run company works hard to keep its prices very competitive, and all products are dispatched from their headquarters on the south coast of England.

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Unlike when ordering from US-based companies, this means there are no import fees to pay when your product arrives in the country. Their range is also very lovely indeed, offering a mulberry silk pillowcase in a colour or style to suit everyone.

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