How Does Rangefinder Target Modes can be Advantageous For The Golf Game

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Whenever you are playing golf, the only thing which seems essential from your rangefinder is the distance which it calculates. So mostly spend a lot of money to get an appropriate rangefinder which can depict an accurate range. If you own a rangefinder or are about to buy a rangefinder, then you should be aware which button of the target modes is useful and which ones are just unused for decades.

If you have worried and anxious to know about which are the target modes which are useful and will undoubtedly be advantageous in your golf game, then you have landed on the right website.

The following are the well-known target modes in a golf rangefinder.

In this article, we will only discuss the golf rangefinders which are made of laser technology and not the GPS ones as the latter type of rangefinder uses satellite indications to depict the distance and there is no need of target modes in this rangefinder.

All the rangefinders deliver the distance from you to the hole in a straight landscape. But the laser golf rangefinders have the capacity of depicting the distance accurately even if there are water bodies, or there are sloped in the topography, this accurate depiction of the distance is possible through target modes incorporated in these rangefinders.

1. Priority Target Mode:-

All the golf players who use laser golf rangefinders use the priority target mode to get 100% correct measurement of the distance. It disregards the background things like the water bodies, trees and anything which can be an obstacle measures the accurate distance. Once you turn the mode into the priority target mode, then your device will find the nearest hole and also depict the distance which is closest to cover the target. In golf, you are in a win over the situation if you use this target mode as; usually, the nearest distance is mostly the “flagstick.”

2. Pin Seeking Mode:-

Many of the manufactures of the golf rangefinder add new features to the priority target mode to make it more advanced. Laser Link’s AccuFlag, Leupold’s PinHunter and Bushnell’s PinSeeker modes are the certain brand which has different names of their manufactured rangefinder with pin seeker technology. If you use this pin seeker mode, then your rangefinder can calculate the distance of the flagstick more quickly and accurately than the other technology prone rangefinders. The best attribute of this type of rangefinder is that you get the confirmation of the calculated distance of the nearest flag through vibration which is experienced from Bushnell’s Jolt series or you can get and audio from the Laser Link’s rangefinders. So pin seeking mode provides you a win situation in the green field of the golf course.

3. Distant Target Priority Mode:-

It is often known as “second target priority mode.” Mostly the hunting rangefinders incorporate this type of mode as the necessary target mode; this trend is not common in golf.

Through this device you can measure the hole or the target at the furthest location. But in the game of golf, it is essential to find out the certain distance of the nearest flagship; this is the reason why this target mode is not used by gold players. But you can surely have this method because there are instances when you want to calculate the furthest distance, with the help of this rangefinder your task will be straightforward. You can use this rangefinder for many things for example for bird watching or hunting. Nikon COOLSHOT is the best rangefinder with this technology which can calculate the furthest distance and you can explore a lot with this device.

4. Scan Mode:-

This target mode should be incorporated in the rangefinder if you want to buy one. This device is best to follow anything may be a deer when you are out for hunting. But in golf, it can be helpful as it can scan and inform you the activities of your opposite team and you plan accordingly to play your shot.

There is no need to target and mark all the locations one by one to be measured this scan mode thus this work for you and help you to find the distance accurately irrespective what is the passage of distance calculation.

Golf Buddy’s Laser Rangefinder is the best with scan mode. Earlier you had to keep the firing indented then only you could get the scan mode. But if you are using Golf Buddy’s Laser Rangefinder then you just have to activate the ten second on the scan mode button with only one push, and you don’t have to do indentation and you can use the scan mode from your rangefinder.

The scan mode provides you the particular distance blueprint in one single go. So it is the most convenient feature just to set a button, and your work is done.

5. Slope or Angle Compensation Mode:-

If you want to have a rangefinder which has these attributes, then you have to pay more to the present price may be $50 or $100 or even more. This technology depicts the actual distance to your goal and also informs you about any landscape objects which can make an impact on the distance.

USGA has banned to use the rangefinder with this technology when you are playing tournaments and so just keep this thing in mind as if you are caught using this technology rangefinder then you will be disqualified from the game.

6. Rain or Dense fog Mode-

There are very few golf rangefinders which manufacture the rangefinders with the unique feature of depicting the right distance while it is raining or its dense fog. You will agree with the fact that the clouds don’t care if you are playing on the course or not.

So you might think that is it beneficial for you if there is rain or fog while you are playing. The answer is no. Rain or dense fog will create problems for the laser rangefinder to depict the correct distance to your goal and the whole concept of using a rangefinder will look at a mess.

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If you are lucky and your rangefinder possesses all these features, then you will have a boom situation. As even it rains or its dense fog you will get correct distance to the hole. Bushnell rangefinder comes with rain mode, Leupold rangefinder is incorporated with fog mode and for rain and reflect target mode you can buy rangefinders from Simmons. But being a golf player you very well know that you can’t expect everyday to be a bright day with no rain or fog.

We hope that from this article you have come to know about the various types of modes of the rangefinder which are essential and which rangefinder you want to buy to have a blast in your golf game.

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