How to Improve at Battle Royale Games

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Battle royale games are just about the biggest trend in video games at the moment. Seemingly every company, from major blockbuster titles to independent developers, are looking to jump on the bandwagon and bring their own take on the genre to market. Battle Royale games typically work on a principle that is unique to their genre, once you’re out, you’re out (until the next round). This differentiates the games from other popular shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. Typically, these games’ multiplayer offerings allow players to respawn back into the game just a few seconds after being eliminated. This change in design means that the element of survival is much more prevalent in Battle Royale games and will require more concentration if you want to succeed. In this article, we look at some top tips that can be applied across the board to all battle royale genre games to help you achieve success.

Get to Grips with The Game’s Quirks

For the most part, the thing that has allowed so many different battle royale games to flourish in a somewhat diluted genre is the fact that many of them offer quirks that act as a USP. For Fortnite, this is the ability to build structures and harvest materials, and Apex Legends allows players to harness different characters’ special abilities. Meanwhile, Call of Duty Blackout adds the option of perks and builds in the ability to use multiple vehicles. Understanding these mechanics can give you the edge over your opponents.

Allow Yourself Time to Lose

This may sound counter-intuitive, but when we’re playing, we’re always looking for the win; no matter the cost. For some people, this may mean sitting in a hole for the whole game, trying not to be found. Although this tactic can be effective to some extent, it’s not the most exciting! These games are built around gunfights, which means that at some point or another, you’ll need to start eliminating other players. We suggest allocating a certain amount of time or a certain number of matches to swapping out your play style for something more aggressive. Actively engaging with other opponents and forcing yourself into uncomfortable scenarios will allow you to get to grips with the gun mechanics quicker than if you play defensively.

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Decision Making and Timing are Key

Understanding how other players play can offer a massive benefit for you and stop you falling into common traps. For the most part, these are things that can only be teach by experience, but you should always be aware of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Decisions should always be made for a reason and with conscious thought, rather than just at random. It’s common that after a firefight, players will look to gather loot, so use this to your advantage! Hold back and choose your timing as you may be able to catch people unaware. Additionally, when looting yourself, consider that there may be other players waiting to catch you out. Make sure to carefully choose your timing when attacking an opponent and always be aware of others looking to attack you.

Location, Location, Location

One of the common factors of battle royale games is the drop-in mechanic. This means that all players have the option to choose where on the map they land and begin the game. For many more experienced players, they look to drop-in to more populated areas as these often have the best equipment and loot. However, for less confident or newer players, we’d suggest heading to less popular points of the map and beginning your game there. You still may be able to grab some uber loot and you’ll encounter much fewer enemies along the way. Choosing your location carefully can often set you up for success.

Find Equipment Fast

Battle royale games work on the premise of spawning onto the map with a blank character, this means you need to explore the area to find guns, ammo and equipment. This should ALWAYS be your priority as you won’t last very long without a weapon to defend yourself!


If you’re not playing with headphones, you’re putting yourself at a severe disadvantage. Although there is some discrepancy among the slew of battle royale titles over the impact of sounds, for all games it can play a major role. Being able to hear an oncoming opponent or the direction of gunshots can influence your playstyle and ability massively, vastly improving your decision making.

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Check Your Settings

If you’re struggling with aiming, movement or seeing clearly in certain areas of the map, this may be down to your settings. All battle royale games will give you the option to adjust brightness, controller sensitivity and adjust some of the controls themselves. This means that you can fully adapt your controller to the way you want to play the game. If you’re comfortable using the default settings, carry on by all means. But it’s certainly worth checking as you could be missing out!

Real Life Battle Royale

It’s also been recently announced that an anonymous millionaire is currently looking to recruit a gamesmaker to assist with the organisation of a real life airsoft battle royale event. All participants will be armed with airsoft guns with the last man standing receiving a whopping £10,000. Reckon you could last until the end?

We hope this article has given you some useful pointers on improving your battle royale performance! Let us know what your favourite tips and tricks are for success in the comments section below!

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