Saffron Benefits a Beautiful Gift of Nature


It’s been a long time since saffron has been utilised as a valued commodity. Therefore, when the point is taken under consideration that a worth of a flower is essential to get one pound of spice, it is now far easier for people to conceptualise its worth by its highest price. Saffron is a world-famous spice for its worth gold weight. It has been an increased sensitivity and demand to a growing environment is the main factor that makes this spice one of the precious and sought after spice in the world.

Saffron is obtain from the dry stigmas of the Irani saffron crocus flower. Once stigmas are dried, it is basically used as a flavouring ingredient in Mediterranean dishes as well as a fabric colouring agent. It has been used by ancient civilisations for thousands of years because of its amazing therapeutic use. The far is an Arabic word tied which donates a yellow colour, the characteristic colour of this spice give food a distinct yellow color. The saffron is characterise also by its specific color which is bitter and hay-like fragrance.

Saffron health benefits:

Saffron is the most valuable spice in the world. It is the spice that has been used by ancient civilisations for centuries in countries like Egypt, China, and India. Saffron is rich in both gastronomic and therapeutic use. In ancient Egyptian and Indian culture, saffron was widely use as an aphrodisiac. It was discovered that saffron is highly effective in cleansing the body, and to empowering and sharpening the mind, and boosting sexual desire in men and enhancing performance to a new power.

Health and culinary uses of saffron;

  • Saffron exhibit wonderful effects on the body physiological system:
  • It is very effective in improving the appetite, digestion and reducing the heartburn
  • Saffron is widely use by an herbalist to treat the liver disorder, bladder and kidney disorders
  • It is efficient in improving body circulatory function
  • Saffron exhibits great anti-oxidant properties it cleanses blood by removing toxic substances from the body
  • It cures acidic conditions by exhibiting soothing effect over stomach and colon
  • Saffron makes skin healthier and glowing by its anti-oxidant properties
  • Saffron arrest asthma conditions
  • It is well know for minimising menstrual cramps and abdominal discomfort
  • It is use as an anti-depressant as well as a mood lifter
  • Used in old age arthritis pain
  • It is very effective in dry skin and baldness conditions
  • Saffron is use to curing whooping cough
  • To maintain proper body temperature during pregnancy saffron is the best solution

Sexual benefits of saffron;

  • Saffron has a great impact on sexual health it keeps balance body serotonin levels
  • Saffron prevent premature ejaculation
  • It enhance sexual energy and strength
  • Improve sexual performance

Saffron as the best cooking ingredient;

  • It gives exotic taste to food
  • Saffron enhance the taste and color of the food
  • It is add as a preservative in foods

The only risk factor of saffron;

Saffron is an amazing spice due to its wide therapeutically use this factor makes it so expensive and popular spice. The only side effect is it increases body temperature of the body so it is harmful to people with high blood pressure and also for people with neurological disorders, people suffering from such medical conditions must be careful with the saffron consumption

High-quality Irani saffron

High-quality saffron is not just bright red in color in appearance it also has a unique aroma, and its benefits make it unique and special among the other variety of spices. Apart from its amazing feature, this rare spice is hard to extract. It requires much dedication and labor to extract even a little amount from a flower. According to the estimated figure, it takes on average about 150,000 Iranian saffron crocus flowers to obtain about 35 ounces of saffron spice.

Where to get the best saffron?

According to the estimated figure Iran is the best place to get saffron from as Iran is the largest producer of saffron, the climatic conditions are well suite for saffron growth. Other than Iran, India, and Spain is the main region that grows saffron in the world.

Iran is the top producer of the saffron spice, such an immense cultivation only Iran in the world produces 75% of the world saffron demand. As mentioned above it takes a huge dedication to get saffron from the single saffron flower.

Where to buy pure saffron?

As everyone knows saffron is very expensive spice so there is an increasing problem of saffron adulteration with other spices and artificial colour, due to adulteration people become more aware of the pure quality saffron before buying saffron. Quality saffron can be judge by its specific aroma and bright red stigmas.

The hot question nowadays is where to buy saffron? Is a hot issue between saffron buyers? There are various online brands that are ambitious to provide saffron buyers the best quality saffron to their customers, so can people can get maximum benefit from the precious gift of nature.

The online sources make sure to provide customers with the pure saffron to get maximum health benefits there are few specifications that denote the saffron is in best pure form

The pure saffron is:

  • Bright red in color
  • Stigmas can not break
  • There is a little yellowish color for best nutrition
  • Does not leave color on touch
  • Specific hay odour

While buying saffron online people must consider these points in mind to make sure they are getting pure saffron, the Irani saffron is bright red in colour. Instead of buying saffron from the market that is risky source people now prefer online saffron buying which is a reliable source to buy saffron, spending money at the right place to get pure saffron is worth buying, to experience the magical influence of saffron on health.