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How I Found Love While Traveling?

The human life is all about repeating the same tasks in the routine. This makes it dull and boring. The majority of the individuals like to travel to different places in order to get a break from their routine. Whereas other individuals love to stay at home with their loved ones and enjoy the Cox TV.

Travelers are like free spirits and the individuals who have no strings attached to a place. They like to fly and discover new places in the world each time they get spare time. This makes them wander to different areas, some known and some unknown. They get to learn new things, have new experiences, broaden their circle of friends, and make some beautiful memories that last long.

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Some individuals have the habit of traveling from childhood while others develop with time. Where everyone finds something valuable while travelling, I found love. Here are some ways I found love on my journey to the lands I never saw before.

The Helping and Welcoming Humans

A traveler gets to meet different individuals on his visits to different areas. Some of those areas inhabit humans who are very frank and welcoming while residents of other places are not so interactive and helpful. If you are going to travel alone for the first time, then you should choose some place with friendly residents.

You can find different lists of such countries on different websites. Uganda, Costa Rica, and Columbia are some of the most helpful and welcoming countries. I went to Costa Rica on my first alone tour and though I was scared to travel alone but the residents I met there made me feel at home. I can’t recall even a single person who thought once before helping me and this made me fall in love with the residents and the place immediately.

Soothing Views

Travelers can give you a huge list of reasons behind their love of traveling. Having fun looking at the calm and soothing views is one of that. There can be no better view for calming the soul, relaxing the mind, and soothing the heart than the view of the green plants. Not every city has some green scenes to offer you but you can find the list of green cities on the internet.

I was suffering from depression in 2017 when I decided to have some time for myself. I used Google to find some places rich in greenery to spend some time among nature. Out of the huge list, I decided to pack my back and head to Amsterdam. The city did not let me down but lifted up my spirit and made me calm once again. I got the chance to spend some time in the lap of nature at Volden Park, Erasmus Park, and BONUS.

Sun Sets at Beach

While there are hundreds of amazing views, nature has to present to the humanity but nothing beats the view of the sunset at a beautiful beach. The view of the sunset at the beach presents the individuals sitting at the beach with a perfect combination of warmth and cold along with a number of colors spread over the horizon.

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I am fortunate to spend an evening at the shore of the Sunset beach in Oahu, Hawaii. The water of the sea is refreshing, cold, and the waves are worth praising. I had such a great time sitting on the beach watching surfers, families, and other activities on the beach. However, the best thing about the visit was the sunset.

The sky turned light purple and then the spikes of orange started spreading across the purple clouds. Soon the whole sky turned into a canvas with different shades of red, orange, and yellow emerging from different corners of the sky. It was nothing less than the magical scenes.

I Fell For Traveling

Since I visited the places mentioned above, I am head over toes in love with traveling and I have committed myself to discover new places in the world. It does not let me enjoy different cultures, food, music, art, and relationships at different places but helps me grow, become better, and remain calm as well.

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