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How to Style Your Hair When You’re Losing It

Do you feel like you’re losing it due to hair loss? Those who have experienced hair loss know that it can quickly send you into a frenzy. Not only can it make styling more difficult, you may even have to resort to options like wigs and treatments. Needless to say, it can be detrimental to your self-confidence. So, what short-term solutions can you resort to when this happens?

Fortunately, there are ways to adapt your hair styling techniques when you’re experiencing hair loss to make the journey easier. Here are five ways to style your hair when you’re losing it.

1. Consider Hair Extensions

When you’re losing hair at a rapid rate, it can be a tough thing to deal with. You often find yourself missing your old hair and wishing it was fuller and healthier. You can take steps to grow your hair and prevent future hair loss, but you also might want short-term solutions. If you want an immediate fix to make your hair look thicker, extensions might be just the option to consider.

It’s a common misconception that extensions are just for adding length. In reality, extensions have multiple uses. They can be used to add dimension if you want color with no damage. Extensions can also help people achieve various styles with ease. And lastly, you guessed it — extensions can add fullness and volume. If you have thin hair or you’re struggling with hair loss, extensions are a great way to make your hair appear fuller.

Pro tip: Just because extensions give you the appearance of perfect hair doesn’t mean you should stop focusing on hair health. Invest in a hair loss treatment to improve the health of your hair while you have extensions in. Eventually, you may not need the extensions.

2. Use Thickening Products

Unfortunately, hair loss is far from uncommon. People lose hair for a variety of reasons; damage, stress, and aging are just a few. Some people lose their hair over time, and others are just born with naturally thin hair. Because this is such a common issue, there are numerous thickening products that can help. From volumizing shampoos and conditioners to styling sprays, there is something for everyone.

If you’re starting to notice that you’re losing hair, incorporate thickening hair products into your routine. These products are great to have in your toolkit if you’re experiencing hair loss. These can help you achieve gorgeous, voluminous hair, but they can simultaneously improve your hair health as well. For example, lots of thickening conditioners are infused with biotin in addition to thickening agents. Biotin can help your hair grow faster and strengthen the hair.

3. Embrace Natural Styles

Damaged hair can absolutely increase hair loss; the last thing you want to do is damage it further. When hair loss is occurring, try to embrace your natural hair as much as possible. Avoid heat products like hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. The more you avoid heat, the faster you can bring your hair back to life. Taking a break from heat is crucial during a time when your hair is already fragile.

There are plenty of ways to enhance the style of your natural hair while you’re trying to repair it. You may even end up loving some styles and find that you want to rock them even when you’re not losing hair. If you have naturally wavy hair, look for styling products that defrizz or enhance your waves. For straight hair, look for styling creams and clays that allow you to mold your hair to whatever style you wish. The possibilities are endless, you just have to play around!

4. Experiment With Updos

If you’re getting tired of your natural hair, updos are another great way to avoid using heat products. However, and this is very important, make sure to focus on loose hairstyles. If your hair is tightly pulled back, it can cause strands to break or fall out. This is quite the opposite of what you want when you’re already losing hair.

To avoid strands of hair breaking or falling out, style your hair in relaxed buns, loose ponytails, or loose braids. These types of styles are perfect for when you’re trying to focus on getting your hair healthy. They’re low maintenance and you won’t damage hair so long as you style it loosely. Not to mention lots of popular updos can be so cute. You’re bound to find a few that you absolutely love!

5. Switch Up Your Part

One final thing you can do to try and give yourself the appearance of thicker hair is mess with your part. This can often hide hairline thinning and make your hair look more voluptuous. Instead of doing a middle part, style your hair with a deep side part. Start by blowdrying your hair for some added volume.

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When you’re ready to style your part, use a comb to brush some of your hair onto one side of your head. If you’re losing hair in a certain spot or balding, you can choose to part your hair to cover that. Then, use a texturizing spray to give your hair some body. The result will be hair that looks voluminous but is actually just styled differently.

Instead of letting hair loss get the best of you, embrace the journey. It can be tough to accept the fact that you’re losing strands, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t solutions. While you’re using short-term solutions, you can be working to restore the health of your hair. Be patient, trust the process, and before you know it, you’ll have hair that you love again.

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