Importance of Ring Ceremony Programs in Weddings

Importance Of Ring Ceremony Programs

From past many centuries, a tradition of exchange of rings between the bride and groom is going on. Across the world, whenever two souls tie a bond of love and commitment between each other, they usually start with a ring ceremony. Whether it is a Christian wedding or a Muslim wedding, a ring ceremony always makes its place before or in the middle of the wedding. In the midst of all the frantic schedules from calling a vendor to making appointments in saloon and from selecting the wedding cards to taking rehearsal dinner, the most exciting part lies in the event where the bride and groom display their love for each other.

Ring Ceremony: A promise to remain till the infinity

Ring ceremony is basically rejoiced to greet the bride and groom as they are entering a new phase of life. All the family members, relatives, friends and the near and dear ones are invited to cherish the moment of ring exchange. When both the bride and groom exchange the rings, they commit that they will love and respect each other throughout the life and even in other lives.

Ring Ceremony: An offering of trust and confidence

In weddings of several cultures, bride and groom take vows that they will care for each other, love each other and face all the hardships of life with each other. With such types of vows, they exchange their rings. Ring in the form of sun, moon, earth, eye etc indicates that whatever you give, it will go around and come back to you. The immense trust and confidence which the two people are giving each other in the form of a ring, will move like a ring and never go away.

Ring Ceremony: A commitment to obey and respect

With the exchange of ring ceremony, the bride is not only a belonging of her soul mate but a belonging of the entire family of the groom. The exchange of ring in the ring ceremony makes bride connected with the whole family of the groom and vice versa. Both the bride and groom will obey each other and give respect to each other even at the time of uncertainties. Whether there is a family problem or financial issue, they will respect each other’s opinion and with this, in their mind, they exchange their rings in front of the other people.

The ring ceremony is the first event which takes place during a wedding. Some people make it a small and personal affair while some people enjoy it on the hefty and large banner. Ring ceremonies are planned and organized in advance. Bride and groom wear one of the finest attires on their ring ceremony. With delightful dinner, ultra chic cocktail celebration, cake and much more, a ring ceremony is rejoiced by the people. Invited guests also arrive with their stunning outfits. Many times, a ring ceremony holds music and dance. One level down to the wedding, this event, is also a memorable experience for the bride, groom and other guests.