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Either you are doing martial arts, just working out, or playing sports, strong legs means a strong base for the body. Powerful kicks can deliver significant damage to your opponent in martial arts and self-defense. While in sports you would be able to perform better. And for the gym guys, your body won’t look dis-proportioned and improper. But how can you get that power in your legs? To begin you would have to be patient and persistent.

Further, let’s have a look at some ways to burn fat.

Master The Technique

You certainly cannot be good at anything if you don’t master it. Mastering the technique is the first step and a very important one. Before anything else, forget any workouts or exercise or power-boosting supplements. Learn what you have to do. Pay attention to small details. If you get it right you may proceed to the next step which will be to bring in the power.

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This will set up a strong base for you on which you a huge building can stand. For instance, if you are training Muay Thai to open your mind to learning and pay attention in the classes. By the way, you can buy Muay Thai and other martial arts GI and gear at Elite Sports. Check out our stores in Australia and the UK.

Establish a Good Balance

Keeping a balance is basic. Properly balance lets you deliver more power in your kicks. Good posture is very important for a better balance. Once you get one foot upthe other one has to maintain ground contact, so that you can drive power from that leg into your kick. Obviously, you cannot kick as hard while levitating in the air. Either it is sports or martial arts, work on both feet and improve your strong foot.


Remember to Breathe

This is one of the most ignored but important factors. Excitement or pressure can make you forget to relax and breathe. This adds unnecessary weight and stiffness to the body and prevents free form kicking. Exhaling on impact tightening the core resulting in effective muscle contractions and better kick. This helps you stay light and focused. But don’t let your leg lose like it has no bones.

Next time you hear fighters making sounds as they strike, remember it is not a show-off.

Build up Your Leg Muscles

After you are done with the basics now its time for more work, or workout. Strong legs mean more power. So, make your legs strong, by doing leg workouts. Running, skipping rope, jumping boxes, lunges, squats, and dead-lifts are great to strengthen and tone your legs.

Strengthen Your Core Muscles

You might think what does your core has to do with power in legs. Well, it does, because the body is connected and one unit. Include strength and conditioning workout to your routine. Core muscles strengthen the body as a whole and get your posture straight.

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A strong core means stronger kicks! Leg raise, planks, and sit-ups are a few good core strengthening workouts.

Drill with A Heavy Bag

Heavy bag training is a must for fighters and martial artists. Following a course and training with a coach, you will get to it when it is time. But you can always talk to them, don’t force yourself if it is not the right time. Once you start this there will be a clear raise in power.

Strength is developed with time, so be patient and keep ongoing. Pick up what you like and leave what you don’t. talk to your coach or trainer to take things up towards a better end.

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