Safety Tips For Solo Travel For Women

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Travelling alone can be one great big adventure and you have the advantage of only having to look after yourself. You can do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it, but the downside of traveling alone as a woman is that you may not always be as safe as you would be if you had someone with you. So, if you’re planning as solo female travel, there are some important travel safety tips that you should try and follow.

Choose your destination carefully

Try avoiding anywhere that’s known to be dangerous, Haunted places and places with high crime rates. You’re far more likely to get into trouble there full stop, but if you’re alone, you won’t have anyone to protect you or call for help. Make sure you understand the customs of the country that you’re heading to, as in some countries it is frown upon (or even illegal) for a woman to travel alone. It’s also advisable to be able to speak at least one of the official languages at the minimum of a basic level so that you will be in a position to ask for help. Hopefully you won’t have any problems, but you need to know what to do if the worst does happen.

Stick to public places

This is especially true when it’s dark, but always try and stick to areas that are full of other people because you’ll be far less vulnerable. Most women wouldn’t go wandering around their own neighbourhood in the dark in the middle of the night, but some throw caution to the wind when they’re travelling, and take risks that they normally wouldn’t. Remember that you’re actually more vulnerable when travelling because you’re in an unfamiliar environment, so don’t get too carried away enjoying yourself and leave your common sense behind.

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Dress for the occasion

This tip applies more to looking after your health and preventing accidents than avoiding crime and undesirable people but it’s just as, if not more, important. If you’re going to be trekking through the desert or climbing a mountain, a miniskirt and flip-flops probably aren’t going to make the wisest fashion choice. If you’re going to be out somewhere all day, especially if you’re going to be doing something adventurous and physically taxing, take a sturdy rucksack with plenty of fresh drinking water, food supplies, extra layers of clothing, maps and a first aid kit. And from the crime point of view, covering yourself in expensive jewellery probably isn’t the best idea anyone’s ever had. On the other hand, wearing a wedding ring (whatever your marital status) can ward off unwanted male attention.

Contact the tour operator

Your tour operator will have had previous experience with solo female travelers and should be able to give you some helpful advice relevant to your destination and circumstances. Speak to them when you book your holiday so that you’re clued up well in advance, but also don’t be afraid to contact them while you’re away if you have any queries or concerns.You are paying them your hard-earned cash, and this is what they’re there for, so utilize their knowledge.

Be confident

Criminals and con artists will tackle the obvious tourists that are looking lost and nervous. Even if you’re feeling a little uncertain inside, walk down that street with attitude, and don’t give anything away. Try not to dawdle and look indecisive, and if you need to ask someone a question, walk straight towards them and speak confidently and with a smile. If you’re lost and need to look over some maps or directions, head into a pub or café. If you’re sat at a table with a drink checking over your maps, you look like you’re planning, whereas if you stand in the middle of the street poring over them, you’re advertising that you’re lost and vulnerable.

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Make friends

The best thing you can do for your safety and for the enjoyment of solo trips for women is to meet new people. Choose accommodation with communal areas and you’ll meet other solo travellers in the same boat, and you can explore together. Stick together and not only will you all be much safer, but you could make some life-long friends too.

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